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Ragnarok X: Next Generation stands as an epic MMORPG, proudly regarded as the official sequel to the classic legend of Ragnarok Online. Despite its recent launch, the game has garnered over 10 million downloads and received numerous positive reviews on Google Play.

Introduction to Ragnarok X: Next Generation

More than 20 years have passed since the emergence of the initial legendary Ragnarok version, creating a profound impact on the MMO gaming community. Ragnarok Online was revered as one of the finest online games, capturing players’ hearts with its free-to-play model and a distinctive mythological storyline.

Though it seemed to fade into obscurity after server closure, the announcement by developer Nuverse to acquire the copyright and develop a new version sparked joy among fans. This triumph not only brought success to the developer but also affirmed the enduring allure of the old legend.


Players step into the shoes of a knight or mage in a fantasy mythological world inspired by Norse mythology. Accompanied by fellow heroes, players embark on adventurous journeys to foreign lands, uniting to vanquish dark demons and restore peace to the realm.

Massive Quest System

From the outset, players are immersed in the extensive task system, ensuring they remain engaged for a substantial duration without monotony. Quests are categorized into main quests, side quests, and event quests.

Main Quests: Unlocked upon reaching the required level, these quests delve deeper into the game’s history, world, and crucial connections between characters.

Side Quests: Offering additional insights beyond the main storyline, side quests provide opportunities for leveling up and enhancing strength to unlock powerful skills.

Event Quests: Special tasks occurring daily, weekly, or monthly, presenting challenging missions that often require cooperative efforts with players of similar levels. The rewards upon completion are notably valuable.

Diverse Class System

As an MMORPG, Ragnarok X: Next Generation boasts a diverse array of classes:

  • High Wizard: Excels in powerful spells with a broad attack range but lengthy cooldowns.
  • Lord Knight: Possesses the highest health, superior damage resistance, and healing abilities, serving as a solid shield for the squad.
  • Sniper: Features the longest attack range and skilled traps, excluding melee attacks.
  • Whitesmith: A versatile class that boosts teammate damage and weakens enemies, though challenging for less experienced players.
  • Assassin Cross: Masters powerful shaping and damage creation skills, offset by low health and intricate coordination requirements.
  • High Priest: The paramount healer and booster, capable of reviving teammates but lacking attack abilities and resistance.

The game’s occupations are intricate, requiring players to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each class to suit their playstyle.

Game Modes

Building on its predecessor, Ragnarok X: Next Generation facilitates team formation and guild creation, allowing players to collaborate on dungeon missions or tackle event missions featuring formidable bosses. The game primarily offers two modes:

  • PVP: A competitive multiplayer mode where players worldwide vie for top rankings to receive appealing rewards.
  • PVE: Traditional story mode, enabling players to explore Ragnarok’s majestic world with a dense mission system.

Moreover, the game introduces a feature enabling marriage between two players, allowing them to create their romantic story within the game.

Graphics and Sound

Crafted with cutting-edge 3D graphics and contemporary effects, Ragnarok X: Next Generation boasts a magnificent and vibrant depiction of an epic mythical world. Character and monster designs retain the attractive and nostalgic charm of the previous installment while incorporating modern improvements.

The sound design is equally impressive, featuring high-quality background music and eloquent sound effects that leave no room for complaints.

Download Ragnarok X: Next Generation APK for Android

In summary, Ragnarok X: Next Generation stands as an outstanding sequel, blending the essence of the old with robust and trendy enhancements, ensuring immense satisfaction for any MMO enthusiast.

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