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Legend of Solgard is an RPG game with gameplay similar to match-three games featuring characters inspired by Norse mythology. …

Legend of Solgard is an RPG game with gameplay similar to match-three games featuring characters inspired by Norse mythology. You’ll progress through various levels using unique strategies and witness impressive slow-motion animations. Additionally, the game introduces some distinctive characters, each requiring time and effort to unlock, offering plentiful rewards.

Join the Blot Festival

In the latest version of Legend of Solgard, players will encounter an exciting event called the Blot Festival. Participants team up with friends to combat enemies within the game. Completing festival activities will reward you with various prizes, including treasure chests containing essential unlocks. You’ll also reunite with familiar characters, each with its own uniqueness, to bring them back to your team.

Participate in Role-Playing Battles

Engage in RPG battles resembling match-three games in Legend of Solgard. You and your friends will face off against adversaries using turn-based combat. With a set number of turns, you’ll strategize and coordinate attacks to reduce the enemy’s score to zero. Once you successfully eliminate the enemies, you’ll witness spectacular slow-motion animations that captivate everyone.

On the game field, your characters, precise and statistically impressive, will appear. As you progress, your characters won’t attack immediately; instead, you must strengthen them. The field displays colored runes with overlapping numbers. Matching three adjacent runes with the same type will summon characters of significant size, granting them the privilege to attack. You can move character positions to create combos and summon colossal characters. In each turn, you’ll have opportunities to match characters of the same type for powerful attacks, encountering numerous formidable characters with awe-inspiring abilities.

Unlock New Characters and Upgrade Them

Character enhancement in Legend of Solgard is crucial for facing tough adversaries and conquering numerous levels. Strengthen your characters using gold and character-specific gems. Collecting these gems, often found in treasure chests, becomes essential for unlocking new characters and upgrading existing ones. The game features various types of boxes that appear during specific events or upon completing designated levels. Each box offers unexpected rewards, making them a valuable source of character-specific gems. The journey to collecting these gems and opening treasure chests is a lengthy one, requiring dedication and time to accomplish.

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Last updated on Dec 12, 2023

What’s New *New player onboarding tests *New rare creature: Fellfaun

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