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The land in the world of Nexomon is peaceful until the monster Omnicron appears from the sky, claiming to …

The land in the world of Nexomon is peaceful until the monster Omnicron appears from the sky, claiming to be the Nexomon King. He desires to destroy everyone and control the vast land. Omnicron brings thousands of strange creatures to attack humans, and the cries of heaven and earth resonate. The official battle between humans and these creatures begins. However, soon after, people start finding ways to connect by turning these living beings into friendly companions. Nexomons, along with humans, live happily ever after.

Seeking Nexomon

Upon entering the game, you become one of the characters in Nexomon. With seven characters to choose from, you have the freedom to explore a vibrant world full of Nexomon. They can be found anywhere, in forests, bushes, or in front of cliffs. If you’re lucky, you might encounter rare Nexomons with powerful features. You can also hire a vehicle for easier mobility, provided you meet the conditions.

Nexomon creatures resemble Pokémon, but this game has interesting features that might surprise you. With over 300 different species, each Nexomon has unique energy systems and distinct special skills, such as fire breathing, water spouting, thunder roaring, and more. You can upgrade their power using powerful equipment.

Fun Activities

The game focuses on recruiting Nexomon, training, and upgrading. Once you have enough power, you can compete with other Nexomons through the battle system, gaining a lot of experience to level up. As your Nexomons evolve, similar to Pokémon, they become more powerful.

Players can combine Nexomons to create an unstoppable force. The game involves strategic turn-based battles where you must calculate your moves to defeat opponents. Skills need to be crafted carefully, and even if you are weaker than your opponent, with the right strategy, victory is still in your hands. Show off your pet training skills in two exciting modes: AI and online PvP. Prove who the Nexomon master is in this game.

Unique Graphics

Nexomon features graphics developed by the publisher, somewhat similar to the frequently played Pokémon games. Despite being 2D graphics, Nexomon simulates all the details of the game. Weather effects vary, such as sunny days, rainy days, darkness, and snowfall. The game is intelligently designed for portable devices, providing an easy immersive experience. Additionally, Nexomon’s sounds are outstanding, with entertaining melodies.

Overall Impression

Overall, this game is quite interesting for Pokémon fans. Although it’s not the original version, I can hardly find any flaws in this game. It’s simple, fun, and full of surprises to explore. The game offers a complete free experience for you to download and enjoy. However, if you want additional features, you’ll need to pay $0.99 to unlock them.

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