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Dive into the enigmatic realm of mystical occultism with Reverse: 1999, an ageless adventure that gathers warriors from diverse …

Dive into the enigmatic realm of mystical occultism with Reverse: 1999, an ageless adventure that gathers warriors from diverse eras, employing skill cards for combat. A captivating game featuring a peculiar storyline and intricate gameplay, it’s an experience truly worth exploring.

Introduction to Reverse: 1999

20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG!

A Profound Yet Confusing Story

Centered around the theme of time travel, the strategy RPG Reverse: 1999 unfolds in a mysterious fantasy world where groups of people delve into mysticism. Intertwining with regular society, these groups seek to establish their rule over the world.

Manus Vindictae, one of the oldest mystic organizations globally, witnesses a decline in followers over time. Surviving members aspire to restore their former glory, capitalizing on the “storm” — a mysterious phenomenon creating time-reversal holes. Their aim is to travel back to 1999, potentially altering the fate of the world and reshaping the present and future.

Affected by the “storm,” individuals in the current world experience mental and spiritual changes. You, however, remain immune, protected by the Organization for the Protection of Magicians – St. Pavlov, designated as the Keeper of Time.

Accompanied by Sonetto, a formidable Arcanist and Pavlov member, your mission unfolds at the heart of the “storm,” traversing different timelines to unveil the truth. The ultimate goal is to prevent the “storm” from occurring in the present, ensuring all magicians are shielded from the distortions of time, and thwarting the Manus Vindictae organization’s delusional ambitions.

An Adventure Across the Centuries

Guided by the main character, you traverse various periods in the tumultuous 20th century, from its inception to contemporary times, with a pivotal focus on 1999. This year marks crucial events related to mysticism, Manus Vindictae, and the emergence of the “Storm.”

Key global events like sudden stock market crashes and successive massive revolutions unfold within the game, meticulously recreated with intricate details. Players have the chance to immerse themselves in the past, witnessing a myriad of world events presented through a mystical lens. As you relive different eras, engage in intense tactical card battles against the enigmatic forces of obscure mystic organizations.

Building a Legion of Mystical Magic

Embarking on a mission to alter the future through time travel entails the risk of disrupting the world and challenging the fantasies of powerful factions. A monumental and perilous task awaits, with numerous characters and mysterious creatures obstructing your path. To overcome these challenges, adeptly construct a mystical combat squad for protection and resilience.

This squad harnesses the magic and complex skills of the contemporary world, requiring strategic combinations to achieve optimal effectiveness in defeating enemies.


Following the typical card-based strategy role-playing gameplay, Reverse: 1999 allows you to choose warriors for your squad at the beginning of each battle. Each warrior brings unique skills and stats to the table, obtained through the random gacha system. Tactical thinking is paramount when selecting warriors and utilizing their skills during combat.

In the realm of cards, Reverse: 1999 maintains simplicity with three main card groups: Attack, Buff, and Debuff. Each round, both you and your opponent, are granted two turns. Deploy warriors, assign them skills and ability cards, and engage in combat.

Merging two identical cards creates a stronger skill. As the warrior’s energy bar reaches its peak during battle, unleash their corresponding powerful skill.

Cool Characters

The character system in Reverse: 1999 aptly reflects the time-travel element through the 20th century. Warriors from different eras, including those from the first world war, exhibit varying degrees of adaptability to their times. The character roster features individuals who grapple with technology but possess exceptional melee combat skills, alongside warriors from the future navigating challenges in this constrained era. Each character comes with its own backstory, promising advantages that players can exploit by learning and strategically aligning cards in battle.

Classic and Unique Graphics

A key contributor to Reverse: 1999’s notable success is its graphics. Embracing a 2D anime style, each frame stands as a visual masterpiece. The game captures the contemplative beauty of ancient Europe in the 20th century, with characters impressively crafted, each possessing unique features. Professional voice actors lend their voices to the characters, making the peculiar narrative of Reverse: 1999 more vibrant and memorable.

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Reverse: 1999, with its turn-based tactical role-playing and card-based mechanics, delivers a compelling gaming experience. Download and immerse yourself in this extraordinary game today!

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