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I am the owner of the Ego Sword from today!Wait a Minute! Actually, Ego Sword is my master?!One day, …

I am the owner of the Ego Sword from today!
Wait a Minute! Actually, Ego Sword is my master?!
One day, you were suddenly chosen by the Ego Sword and fell to another world!
Let's go on an adventure to become the true owner of the Ego Sword!

Pixel Graphics Action Idle Clicker PRG [Ego Sword]!
ENJOY BEST idle RPG installed +1,000,000 !

Another world adventure with Legendary weapons with ego : Ego Sword!

■ Pixel Graphics RPG
– Light and nimble pixel graphics action
– Crush all enemies in front of you pixel by pixel!

■ Exciting action clicker! Slash and knock down!
– Monsters exploding at your fingertips!
– Never doubt that Ego Sword has chosen you!
– Prove your strength!

■ Various growth routes
– You can do anything to become stronger!
– Will you become stronger through constant training?
– Will you harness the power of powerful artifacts?
– In the end, will you borrow the demonic power of the Ego Sword?
– Various growth routes according to various strengthening methods!
– I become strong in my own way! I am the correct answer!

■ Dungeon Exploration and Monster Raid
– Explore unknown dungeons and challenge powerful monsters!
– You can meet monsters of various concepts such as giant monsters, dragons, and witches!

■ Let's go with powerful and beautiful fellow characters!
– Is the path of the strong always lonely? Absolutely not!
– Cute and tiny Elementals! Charming colleagues of various illustrations!
– Let's become stronger more efficiently by distributing various skills and abilities of colleagues
– Build your team in your own way and become more powerful!

■ Various sword skins await you!
– Various appearances and various abilities according to them
– Who will get the most powerful Ego Sword?

■ Prove your strength in PvP!
– Even if you participate only once, you will be rewarded!
– Only one will reach the top!
– Who is the true owner of the Ego Sword?

■ Idle play support such as automatic hunting!
– You level up even if you don't do anything!
– Ultra-Fast-Rapid growth RPG that is constantly getting stronger!

■ Rewards are paid just by accessing the game!
– Strengthen your Ego Sword with various rewards that change everyday!

■ The Ego Sword development team will try to provide adventurers with better fun and better enjoyment.

■ Permission
– READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Game Data Save & Load

■ Ego Sword Discord Channel
– Meet other adventurers

■ Developer Contact
– Customer service center mail : [email protected]
– Developer website:
– 121, Digital-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Last updated on Jan 16, 2024

- Improve Soul Edge effects - Adjust Soul Edge balance - Add Hall of Fame

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