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Experience the tranquility of a minimalist fishing game that revolves around the pure essence of the fishing experience – …

Experience the tranquility of a minimalist fishing game that revolves around the pure essence of the fishing experience – True Fishing is the serene angler’s paradise.

Introduction to True Fishing

Embark on a true fisherman’s adventure in the world of True Fishing!

Realistic and Minimalistic Fishing Simulation

Amidst a sea of mobile fishing games characterized by stunning landscapes and dynamic effects, True Fishing deviates from the norm. Opting for simplicity and minimalism, the game centers on the authentic fishing experience, evident in its screen design and information display.

True Fishing compels players to meticulously analyze information and statistics before embarking on their fishing expedition. Factors such as water area characteristics, temperature, environment, weather conditions, and aquatic inhabitants play a pivotal role in the selection of fishing gear. Each type of fish demands a specific fishing rod and bait, along with additional supplies like rafts, tents, and refreshments for a patient wait.

Checking the weather forecast becomes essential, ensuring convenience and, if necessary, offering alternative nearby locations with similar conditions.

Upon reaching the fishing spot, tasks include attaching bait to the fishing rod, arranging equipment, and aligning the rod properly. The pivotal moment arrives when players release the rod, observe the water and floating ball, skillfully respond to the fish’s strength, and employ distinct techniques for handling various-sized fish.

Successfully caught fish find a place in the bucket, ready to be exchanged for currency for more equipment or utilized as a food source.

Fascinating Detail

Each stage of handling and fishing presents players with rich options, with True Fishing standing out for its meticulous details and variety across categories. The game’s menu encompasses several sections, such as Shop, Inventory, Locations, Fish Sale, Quests, Tournaments, Premium, Profile, Weather, and Game Settings. Exploring these options reveals useful elements enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Fishing in Various Locations

True Fishing showcases diversity in its fishing locations. While not boasting hundreds like some counterparts, the game offers 26 distinct places, each characterized by different terrain, temperature, environment, water level, climate, and aquatic ecosystems.

With over 250 different fish species, more than 10 types of rods, 30 different bait options, and 200 fishing missions, True Fishing ensures a comprehensive and engaging fishing experience. Players gain an advantage by learning about each fish type’s preferences and characteristics from the main menu.

Players can manipulate two levers simultaneously during gameplay, allowing for increased mackerel catches. This subtle difference adds to the uniqueness of True Fishing compared to other mobile fishing games.

Highly Realistic Fishing

True Fishing’s realism extends to the environment and weather conditions at each fishing location, influencing the fishing trip’s performance. Two types of weather are common:

  1. Permanent Weather: Reflecting year-round temperature, climate, water level, and salinity.
  2. Sudden Weather: Abrupt changes affecting fish movement and habitation below the water surface.

To optimize fishing effectiveness, players must carefully consider both permanent and sudden weather factors, determining whether to proceed with fishing, switch locations, or postpone the activity.

MOD APK version of True Fishing

MOD Feature: Unlimited Money

Note: Make a purchase to obtain a substantial amount of money.

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Indulge in the captivating realism and flexibility of True Fishing, a fishing game that prioritizes detail and simulation, providing a delightful and uncomplicated experience focused on the pure joy of fishing. Whether fishing solo or engaging in a friendly angler competition, the game’s simplicity is complemented by its enjoyable and light-hearted nature, even if the graphics lack extensive diversity.

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