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Even for seasoned zombie game enthusiasts, the allure of DEAD TARGET remains undiminished due to its ruthless violence and …

Even for seasoned zombie game enthusiasts, the allure of DEAD TARGET remains undiminished due to its ruthless violence and intense sniper sequences.

Overview of DEAD TARGET: Sniper Zombie

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating sniper game set against a zombie-infested backdrop!

What is DEAD TARGET: Sniper Zombie?

In a gaming landscape saturated with zombie titles, DEAD TARGET breaks the mold by combining intricate sniper gameplay with the ever-popular zombie theme. This game promises a unique experience, blending the artistry of sniping with the chaotic ambiance of a world besieged by bloodthirsty zombies.


DEAD TARGET thrusts players into a post-apocalyptic realm teeming with relentless zombies. A leaked virus from a laboratory has unleashed a pandemic, transforming humans into grotesque, bloodthirsty creatures. As a special agent tasked with exterminating these zombies to save the world, you’ll encounter a diverse array of evolved and unpredictable zombie variants. These creatures have acquired the ability to wield weapons, execute strategic maneuvers, and navigate various surfaces, making direct confrontation a daunting challenge.

To counter this evolving threat, the task force adopts a new approach—sniping from a distance. Extensive research leads to the creation of powerful long-range weapons, multi-barreled machine guns equipped with modern scopes, and enhanced aiming capabilities.

Humanity’s hope lies in refining sniper skills, battling zombie hordes from afar, and gradually upgrading to more advanced and modern weaponry.


DEAD TARGET stands out as an offline zombie sniper game that seamlessly merges sniper missions with diverse environments. Set in a world overrun by zombies, players must strategically position themselves at elevated or distant locations, observing the scene comprehensively. Armed with a sniper rifle, quick aiming, and precise shooting, your mission is to eliminate the surging zombie horde.

However, these zombies are no longer the familiar, straightforward foes. They’ve evolved into grotesque and formidable variants, demanding more than just basic firearms and sniper prowess. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons, enhancing their speed, ammunition capacity, and overall effectiveness. You’ll also have the chance to acquire new sniper weapons, specialize your role to become a more skilled sniper, and unleash more aggressive attacks to obliterate waves of zombies.

Encounters with formidable zombie bosses punctuate the end of each wave, each presenting a unique and menacing appearance, armed with distinct weapons and abilities. The escalating challenge requires an increasingly advanced sniper skill set to overcome.

Game Modes

Despite being an offline zombie sniper game, DEAD TARGET offers various captivating modes, each delivering a unique gaming experience. Participating in the Battle Pass offers a shortcut to acquiring modern weapons and rare items that are challenging to obtain in normal mode. This opportunity allows you to access new guns, boost health, and increase stamina—essential for fortifying yourself against impending zombie waves.

In Zombie Insane mode, the intensity reaches new heights. Zombies become more brutal, faster, and showcase a range of unpredictable abilities. The relentless waves of zombies become increasingly frenzied and bloodthirsty, providing a truly insane challenge for experienced players.

Weapon System

Equipped with an intricate weapon system, DEAD TARGET offers a selection of familiar firearms such as pistols, SMGs, shotguns, and rifles. The choice of weapon depends on the zombie types encountered in each level. For instance, when navigating tight spaces with numerous obstacles, opting for a rifle or shotgun over a sniper gun is more strategic.

Don’t forget to stock up on grenades and health potions, essential resources for surviving dire situations.

Weapon Upgrades

Each gun in DEAD TARGET comes with specific stats, including damage, accuracy, firing rate, ammo reload, critical hit chance, and reliability. The game enables players to upgrade weapons, enhancing these stats. You can even purchase additional ammo, a crucial factor in battles against relentless zombie hordes, as more ammo directly correlates to increased survivability.

Top-Notch Graphics

DEAD TARGET features meticulous 3D graphics comparable to PC shooting games. The detailed explosions, health and infection effects, and the Ragdoll Effect during battles with zombies create a realistic and visually captivating experience. The game’s visuals are complemented by top-notch sound effects, with gun sounds authentically replicated for an immersive experience. The eerie sounds of zombies further intensify the game, catering to players seeking a heart-pounding experience.


MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Note: Players in the MOD version will engage in gameplay on a private server.

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With meticulous 3D graphics, a detailed environment, realistic bullet effects, and zombies succumbing to sniper shots, DEAD TARGET offers an honest and visually appealing sniper-zombie experience. Embark on your journey as the last surviving zombie fighter—the world’s only hope for regeneration!

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