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Embark on an immersive online real-time strategy role-playing adventure with Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes, a game that seamlessly …

Embark on an immersive online real-time strategy role-playing adventure with Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes, a game that seamlessly blends hack-and-slash action with MOBA elements, set in an ancient world filled with humans, gods, and demons.

Introduction to Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes

Experience high-speed action with MOBA elements in an ancient setting!


In a world plunged into chaos and ravaged by ceaseless wars, powerful forces sought dominance, conquering lands and asserting authority. However, blinded by their military might and territorial acquisitions, these forces grew more aggressive and arrogant, underestimating the consequences of their actions.

The heavens, enraged by this audacity, responded by creating the God of Destruction to punish mankind’s hubris. Endowed with the magic and wrath of the High God, the God of Destruction became a formidable force, even betraying the gods who birthed him.

In a twist of fate, both gods and humans united to combat the impending threat, unable to directly engage in the war. The Gods bestowed upon Earth the Gem of Valor, a powerful artifact granting courage and strength to a chosen leader who would rally humanity against destruction.

You are the leader humanity awaits. To confront the God of Destruction, assemble a team of legendary mythical heroes, including figures like Odyssey and the ancient god Anubis. Utilize this formidable hero alliance as a weapon against the forces of evil, igniting a colossal war between Gods and Humans in Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes.


Take on the mantle of a leader tasked with commanding an invincible army in Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes. Each hero within your squad possesses four skill sets and unique moves. Strategically exploit every advantage at your disposal to vanquish enemies, whether controlled by AI or other players. Beware, as the enemy boasts a powerful army, sometimes surpassing you in skill and strength.

In addition to their skills, each hero commands a diverse array of soldiers, each with its own race and advantages—ranging from long-range capabilities to archery skills. The hero serves as the leader, and you are the mastermind behind the hero’s actions.

Beyond assembling and leading your squad, enhance the strength of your heroes and soldiers, enabling them to combat adversaries more effectively. Each hero can bring up to six soldiers and six items, including consumable health and non-health items such as weapons. Upgrade soldiers to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, with the highest-tier soldier matching the health of the lowest-level hero.

Victorious battles yield new equipment, including powerful weapons and armor, categorized into several levels. Use them instantly or combine them to forge items with significantly augmented strength, motivating you to engage in more battles.

Graphics and Sound

While Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes may not boast razor-sharp graphics, it captivates players with a depiction of fast-paced battles. The chibi-style portrayal of muscular heroic warriors instantly endears them to players, despite the simplicity of the background. Well-executed combat effects and a dramatic soundtrack enhance the overall gaming experience.

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Embark on an enthralling real-time combat role-playing journey with Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes, a game that promises intense battles between hero teams and soldiers. Employ strategic brilliance to secure victory after victory.

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