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DC Heroes & Villains may sound surprising, but it's a classic puzzle RPG featuring characters from the DC Comics …

DC Heroes & Villains may sound surprising, but it’s a classic puzzle RPG featuring characters from the DC Comics universe. For fans of heroes who prefer light, easy, and purely entertaining games, DC Heroes & Villains is the perfect choice.

Introduction to DC Heroes & Villains

Embark on Puzzle Adventures with DC Comics Characters!

What Genre is DC Heroes & Villains Exactly?

Not everyone aspires to be a hero in real life, but becoming a hero in a game is an irresistible proposition. However, hero games often come with complexity or demanding actions. For those who have longed for a comfortable gaming experience while being a fan of DC superheroes, DC Heroes & Villains is the answer.

DC Heroes & Villains introduces players to a plethora of superhero characters through an epic puzzle RPG gameplay. The objective is to collect and train legendary characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Catwoman, Joker, and more. Place them on the puzzle battlefield and confront the notorious arch-enemies of the DC universe.

In essence, DC Heroes & Villains requires players to overcome numerous role-playing challenges, strategically stack diamonds, and collect as many superheroes as possible.

The Plot

In an unknown fantasy world, DC heroes unite, coexisting in seemingly eternal peace. However, a mysterious force emerges, stripping superheroes of their powers wherever they go. What could be a catastrophe for ordinary people becomes an extinction event in the superhero world. As the keeper primarily responsible for world peace, you assemble the ultimate Super Squad, immune to the bizarre force. Assume the role of leader, guide your DC superhero squad, overcome battles with arch-enemies, save the hero world, restore powers, and thwart the galactic threat.


In DC Heroes & Villains, the entire roster of DC superheroes makes a turn, accompanied by the infamous supervillains from the DC Comics universe. Before encountering these characters, players engage in intense diamond battles in iconic DC superhero story locations, such as Gotham or Atlantis.

Different from typical diamond games, DC Heroes & Villains goes beyond collecting new heroes; it involves enhancing existing heroes within the group. Players can also team up with other players’ superhero squads. Regardless of the playstyle, the goal remains the same: defeat enemies, face bosses, and reap rewards.

As you accumulate a roster of heroes, you assemble teams of five to confront arch-enemies. To execute powerful Moves and Powers, arrange diamonds in horizontal or vertical rows of the same type. As skill points reach a threshold, unleash a devastating fury with special effects. Enemies can also employ these attacks, depending on the boss.

DC Heroes & Villains offers limited-time Special Events where rare rewards can provide a significant advantage in future battles. Don’t miss out on any events, big or small, in the game.

Currently featuring over 35 DC characters and 152 diamond placement challenges, each level tasks players with matching tiles to create powerful combinations that activate Moves and Combined Powers. With both Ranged and Melee forms, these skills empower players to combat any evil in the universe.

Strength Enhancement

Each hero brought into the team can be summoned for diamond puzzles, strengthening the character upon successful resolution. Strengthening each character contributes to the overall growth of the superhero squad.

To assist your character’s progression efficiently, find the fastest, most streamlined path through diamond challenges. Unlocking each character’s full potential one by one allows them to shine, strengthens your team, and ensures dominance in every battle.

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For those seeking a stress-free and entertaining experience with the DC Heroes Squad, DC Heroes & Villains is a must-play. The game boasts modern, appealing graphics, beautifully designed characters, and a comfortable match-3 gameplay. It stands as the ideal entertainment option for DC universe enthusiasts.

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WHAT'S NEW:- Ranked Assault: Embark on an exciting journey with the debut of the brand new Competitive PvP experience! Participate in daily leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards!- New Characters: Black Manta, Ocean Master, and Mera!- Material Capsules: A new way to collect powerful crafting materials!- UI and UX Improvements- Bug fixes and more!

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