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Immerse yourself in the enchanting graphics and epic war ambiance of the fantasy realm in Call of Dragons, where …

Immerse yourself in the enchanting graphics and epic war ambiance of the fantasy realm in Call of Dragons, where the experience of battling, constructing, and expanding your dominion takes on a dynamic and exhilarating tone reminiscent of the Disney world.

Introduction to Call of Dragons

Embark on an adventure in the land of ancient wild beasts!

What Sets Call of Dragons Apart?

Call of Dragons unfolds as a fantasy adventure strategy game, captivating players with its cartoon-style graphics reminiscent of classic Disney movies. Developed by the creators of the highly successful Rise of Kingdoms, this game casts you as the lord of majestic flying creatures. Your role involves collecting, breeding, and guiding them into territorial battles within an ancient fantasy world. As a strategic genius, your objective is to construct the most formidable dragon army, continuously expanding your influence across the globe.

The theme of commanding and leading dragons into intense battles with animated graphics has been explored by many games. However, Call of Dragons distinguishes itself by striking a well-executed balance, ensuring player comfort right from the start. In essence, this game is a must-play for strategy game enthusiasts.

Discover a Variety of Races

To assert your sovereignty in Call of Dragons, you must assemble a potent flying dragon squad recruited from different tribes inhabiting the land—Elven, Orc, Mage, and more. Each race boasts unique characteristics and abilities, adding strategic depth to your choices. Elven warriors exhibit talent in close combat, Orcs function as robust tank-like fighters, and Mages wield ice-based abilities, proving advantageous in long-range battles.

Battles unfold across diverse landscapes, each with its own scenic beauty, dynamic movements, and intense confrontations. The challenges presented in each terrain contribute to the game’s allure, ensuring that every moment remains engaging. Accompany your warriors as they strive against formidable adversaries, expanding their territories and conquering the world.

Capture and Control Flying Creatures

In the ancient land of Call of Dragons, a rare species—Behemoths—commands both fear and desire. These formidable creatures, akin to dragons but distinct in appearance, personality, and wildness, are the most dangerous giants in the land. Conquer these unruly animals such as Hydras and Thunder Rocks, turning them into your elite army of flying creatures to support you in battles. Subdue and lead them to a new land, nurture and train them, transforming Behemoths into your secret weapon for decisive victories.

Healing Mechanism

In the realm of Call of Dragons, healing is simplified, as the Healing Unit appears automatically and free of charge, without depleting resources. This unique auto-heal mechanism eliminates concerns about injuries to your animals, allowing you to engage in battles and challenges freely, without the worry of generals or Behemoths suffering damage. This novel feature adds a refreshing twist to the gameplay, marking a departure from traditional strategy games.

Strategic Brilliance

Call of Dragons places two crucial elements under your leadership: the force and the army of flying beasts. The game’s exceptional strategy manifests in how you coordinate, arrange, and strategize to deploy flying animals effectively in each battle.

Formulating sound tactics for your warriors involves optimizing the strengths of each animal, continuously training them for peak performance in combat. In battles, you must make decisions about dominating the battlefield, defending strategically, and launching attacks at opportune moments for victory.

Possessing a stunning array of flying beasts requires an in-depth understanding of each creature’s characteristics. Leverage the terrain to execute quick attacks, fortify defenses, or swoop down from above to annihilate the enemy. Depending on the landscape—canyons, deserts, rivers, plains, forests—you adapt your flying army’s arrangements accordingly.

Expand and Develop New Lands

As you acquire new lands, your role extends beyond battles to encompass kingdom expansion and development. Construct vital buildings, advance technology, train troops, collect resources continuously, and conquer additional territories. Become the sovereign ruler of the ancient Tamaris in this expansive world.

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Embark on a captivating journey filled with strategic elements and captivating visuals. Call of Dragons introduces unique and appealing features, making it a game that caters to both casual gamers and those seeking a focused combat tactical experience. Download and relish the joy and rare drama offered by this extraordinary game.

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