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Mobile Royale, launched under the leadership of IGG, has a strong presence in the Vietnamese mobile gaming market. Promising …

Mobile Royale, launched under the leadership of IGG, has a strong presence in the Vietnamese mobile gaming market. Promising to bring you the most enjoyable gaming experience through intense battles, this game offers a global-level experience with captivating gameplay. Your mission involves trading with other tribes and training armies of different types to build your formidable army. Engage in challenging battles with high-stakes missions, where you must deploy powerful combat skills to conquer wars swiftly. Immerse yourself in blood-pumping combat, evolving into the mightiest hero in the world. Download the game and experience it today.

Build Your Powerful Army

Enter the vibrant fantasy world of Vollandia, where your task is to control tribes and find ways to unite them after the lands have been divided. Attempt to reclaim the territories and engage in battles where you receive support from Guardian Dragons, bearing a great responsibility not to disappoint everyone’s expectations. Your decisions hold great importance and will significantly impact the tribe you lead. Therefore, it’s advisable to focus on diplomatic relations with other tribal leaders, combining research and technology management with territorial expansion.

Explore the Expansive World

The open map presents a vast world filled with challenging and complex scenarios for you to conquer. Participate in battles where you must seize villages and amass armies to collectively destroy monsters. Occupying cities allows you to steal items from other players, a crucial aspect of combat strategy. Additionally, you can upgrade the strength of Guardian Dragons and army commanders by acquiring rare items through in-game purchases. Destroy monsters to gather resources and provide opportunities for your army to progress.

Strategic Warfare

Step into the mysterious world full of ancient legends and global wars in a fascinating environment. As the decision-maker, you hold the keys to success and failure. Determine who will be your enemies, who will be your allies, and pave the way for the overall development of your team. To accomplish this high-stakes mission, you and the Guardian Dragon Legends must assist team members in developing their cities, participating in crucial projects, and working together to plan joint operations. Receive numerous rewards to strengthen and upgrade your heroes as your army grows stronger.

Become an Arena Master

Before embarking on high-stakes missions, plan and build major projects like battleships or flying fortresses. These projects will give you the momentum needed to succeed in critical missions. As the ultimate Arena Master, assist your team in destroying enemies, collecting items, sweeping through battles, and becoming the most formidable commander. The most crucial aspect is to unite various tribes to obliterate the enemy. With ten tribes and five lineages scattered worldwide, it becomes a significant challenge for you to explore and unite them. Nevertheless, nothing is too difficult for you as the most powerful Arena Master to turn battles into your playground.

Summon New Heroes

Immerse yourself in the fresh and lively fantasy world, where you’ll be impressed by the highly realistic game graphics. Open paths for both your team and plan to add new heroes to your guild. The game is designed with sharp graphics to provide an exciting experience. The flexible game mode with straightforward operations allows you to lead in battles and collaborate with guild members directly. Attempt to hunt legendary creatures, increase your hero’s level, and gather a wealth of information related to tribes and resources that will greatly aid you in your high-stakes missions.

Key Features

  • A large, realistic 3D environment map for an immersive combat experience in the fantasy world.
  • An engaging storyline that captivates players with the desire to conquer and connect guilds.
  • Develop large-scale projects like battleships and air fortresses to enhance your combat planning and trading capabilities.
  • Diverse combat patterns with a wide range of character and army capabilities to choose from.
  • Collaboration with the legendary Guardian Dragon to help unite the country after being divided.
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Last updated on Jan 10, 2024

[New] ◆New Hero Skin: Io [Lantern Deity] ◆New Castle Skin: Auspicious Celebrations ◆New Avatar Frame: Iron Guard's Heart ◆New January Events: Birthday Bash, Anniversary Celebration

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