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Ready for a strategy game that breaks away from the usual leisurely pace and injects action combat and surprises? …

Ready for a strategy game that breaks away from the usual leisurely pace and injects action combat and surprises? Look no further than Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, where new flavors of excitement await.

Introduction to Lords Mobile

Are You Ready for a REAL Fight?


Step into the fantasy realm of Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, where the kingdom faces its most challenging era. With the Lord now deceased, rival forces are amassing armies to seize the throne, heralding an impending storm.

Amidst this chaos, the kingdom yearns for a true Hero, someone with the abilities and qualifications to ascend as the new Lord. Your mission: unite the lands, quell the impending upheavals, and bring enduring peace to the entire Kingdom.

As one of the gifted leaders hailing from a crucial land in the Kingdom, your ambition is to ascend as the Lord of all. Recruit a diverse array of heroes, including dwarves, mermaids, dark elves, and even sci-fi robots. With talent and strength, these heroes become essential generals in your formidable army.

No army is complete without diverse units. Assemble a powerful force, increasing in both numbers and unit diversity. With a stellar lineup of generals, plunge into intense battles, conquering territories, and gradually establishing your own reign. Soon, you’ll wield dominion over the entire Kingdom.

Strategy Game with Action Combat Elements

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars defies the stereotype of monotonous strategy games with its infusion of action combat elements. Immerse yourself in this vibrant, dynamic, and cartoon-colored game.

Begin by collecting Artifacts, ancient relics found in the Artifact Hall. Utilize these artifacts to upgrade, strengthen, unlock energy, and gain a unique advantage for your entire army.

Furthermore, Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars introduces tower defense elements. Delve into Vergeway, collecting and upgrading cards, then strategically combine them to face waves of enemies from all directions. Numerous lurking foes in the Verge must be discovered and defeated for those aspiring to unify the kingdom.

In the diverse battles of Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, witness unprecedented forms and actions, including capturing enemies, taking leaders hostage, besieging monsters, and launching surprise raids. The game boasts a mission system rarely found in any other strategy game.

Build Your Own Kingdom

The purpose of the war you wage is to unify the lands and become the new Lord of the Kingdom. Engage in battles to conquer smaller kingdoms, and employ tower defense strategies to protect your gains. In parallel, focus on construction by upgrading buildings, conducting research, training troops, and leveling up heroes. This dual approach leads your Kingdom toward prosperity and progress.

Tactical Gameplay with Rich Strategies

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars provides players the opportunity to explore various strategies and squad types. With four types of troops and six different formations, players can create a perfect attack/defense plan, ready to face any challenge. Pair armies with personal Hero generals for constant innovation in strategies.

Understanding the battlefield, making tactical alliances, and embracing diverse squad types are crucial elements of the game. Joining a clan allows players to fight alongside allies and participate in exciting Kingdom events like Clan War, Kingdom vs Kingdom Battle, Royal Duel, and more.

For a more competitive experience, challenge millions of players worldwide. Defeat all adversaries, claim the throne, and dominate the game. This challenging journey promises worthwhile rewards for the victorious.

MOD APK Version of Lords Mobile

MOD Features

  • MENU
  • Auto Battle PVE
  • VIP 15
  • ATK +10%
  • DEF +10%
  • MAX HP +10%
  • Travel Speed +10%
  • Exp Boost +50%
  • Production +25%

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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is the ultimate strategy game for those unafraid of a challenge. Immerse yourself in dynamic 3D animation, witness heroes unleash their skills, and command mystical armies. Join the fight with the ambition to become the Lord of the kingdom—endless fun awaits!

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MENU, VIP Unlocked

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Last updated on Dec 27, 2023

#Added [Guild Expedition Trial] Guilds must register to participate. Earn Pioneer Points and complete event quests to get Pioneer Rocks to exchange for prizes. #Optimized Energy display on Kingdom Map, added Energy to profile page #Added display in Turf for capacity of wounded troops in Infirmary and damaged traps at the Wall #Troops wounded from the Guild Expedition that cannot fit into the Infirmary will count towards Might when migrating #Added on/off switch for sound effects in Turf

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