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The 4x grand strategy genre, encompassing the core principles of discovery, expansion, exploitation, and destruction, has long been celebrated …

The 4x grand strategy genre, encompassing the core principles of discovery, expansion, exploitation, and destruction, has long been celebrated for its intricate gameplay, challenging players to construct and advance nations into powerful empires. The Civilization series from Firaxis stands as an enduring monument, captivating fans with each new release. Now, Era of Conquest emerges as a fresh entry into this genre from the developer 4399, renowned for its high-quality online role-playing games. Will this title be a breakthrough or a misstep? Let’s delve into it.

Introduction to Era of Conquest

An Epic Conquest Awaits!

Quick Overview

Ever dreamed of commanding historical figures like Alexander the Great, King Arthur, Napoleon, or Genghis Khan, shaping history in your own image? Era of Conquest answers that call by infusing the 4x grand strategy with the essence of real-time strategy (RTS), creating one of the most unique and captivating gaming experiences.


At the outset, players select a civilization from a diverse array, including England, France, Germany, Italy, and more. The task is to embark on the journey of building a dream nation or an eternal empire, a formidable challenge given the equally outstanding leaders competing for supremacy.

The expansive open-world map spans a staggering 120 square kilometers, resembling a medieval world where powerful lords and armies wage ceaseless battles. Winning and losing hinge entirely on tactics and skills, devoid of pay-to-win elements often found in B-class games.

From the game’s inception, players must meticulously plan their country’s development, establishing key bases around citadels, ensuring economic resources, stable trade, diplomatic relations, and a formidable army. Recruiting legendary heroes adds another layer, allowing exploration, treasure hunting, or leading troops into battle. The choice of heroes and strategic deployment rests with the player.

SRP Technology

Notably, battles, thanks to modern SRP technology, unfold monumentally—from siege battles to armies colliding on the battlefield. The sheer scale can reach up to 6000 soldiers on a single screen, delivering an exhilarating experience akin to the epic battles of cinematic masterpieces like The Lord of The Rings.

As all massive battles unfold on a single server, player cooperation becomes integral, fostering economic alliances or defending against overpowering adversaries—mirroring the complexities of real-world geopolitics.

Graphics and Sounds

The game boasts sharp 3D designs for characters, soldiers, heroes, and environments, meticulously representing diverse cultures. The quality of the developer’s investment in various designs is evident, overwhelming players with visual richness.

The sounds further enhance the game’s epic ambiance, with combat sound effects immersing players in the reality of the battlefield. While the background music lacks diversity, it aligns seamlessly with the strategic gameplay.

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Era of Conquest checks all the boxes for an excellent 4x game, delivering a gift to fans starved for quality strategy games. In an era where such gems are rare, Era of Conquest stands tall, offering a gratifying experience for enthusiasts of the genre.

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Last updated on Dec 20, 2023

What's New: ◆ Welcome to the Story Campaign - Golden Freedom ◆ New Skill Research and General System ◆ New Wilderness Terrains ◆ Battlefield Trial Gameplay ◆ Trade House & Jade Shop Now Available ◆ New Puzzle Mini-games ...and more!

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