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Following the success of games like Clash Royale, Supercell, renowned for titles such as Hay Day and Clash of …

Following the success of games like Clash Royale, Supercell, renowned for titles such as Hay Day and Clash of Clans, has unleashed its latest creation: Brawl Stars. This real-time survival game offers a unique 3rd person perspective, providing players with a fresh gaming experience.

About Brawl Stars

For those seeking an action-packed game with a hint of strategy, Brawl Stars offers an ideal gaming experience. Published by the gaming industry titan Supercell, known for hits like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Brawl Stars is positioned as a highly promising game, potentially marking Supercell’s return to the spotlight.

Gameplay Overview

Brawl Stars, developed by Supercell, is a dynamic 3vs3 multiplayer Battle Royale game available on both Android and iOS platforms. Engage in Solo or team 3vs3 matches, showcasing your skills with the primary objective of outmaneuvering opponents and climbing the leaderboards to establish yourself as the ultimate Brawler. Beyond the classic 3v3 genre, Brawl Stars offers various other modes to keep players entertained.

In a nutshell, Brawl Stars offers quick matches for a refreshing gaming experience. While spending extensive time mastering the game is unnecessary, understanding key aspects can significantly enhance your gameplay. These insights will help you grasp all facets of the game and optimize your skills beyond what’s covered in the tutorial.

Key Highlights of Brawl Stars

One standout feature of Brawl Stars lies in its accessibility and immediate enjoyment. It centers around a PvP match in the familiar MOBA genre, revolving around control of gem mines situated at the map’s center. Each team consists of 3 players, chosen from a diverse roster of characters, each possessing unique traits and weapons. Vanquishing opponents allows you to claim the gems they hold, indirectly influencing the game’s momentum, especially when staging a comeback. The battle concludes when one side reaches the specified gem count or when time runs out, with the victor being the side holding the most gems.

Engaging Gameplay

Diverging from the prevalent mobile game trend, Brawl Stars adopts a top-down view rather than the conventional horizontal screen scrolling. Players must partake in competitions to collect coins, Elixir, and Chips for upgrading and unlocking new Brawlers. Boasting straightforward gameplay akin to familiar MOBA operations, the player’s screen is divided into movement controls on the left and attack and skill commands on the right.

One notable feature is the appearance of explosive bullets (POWs) with substantial damage, often three to five times based on your critical rate. This characteristic proves ideal for securing last hits or creating a health advantage, resulting in unexpected eliminations of one or even two enemies with a single burst.

Brawler System

Brawlers level up upon achieving victories, although their stats remain unchanged. Power points and in-game currency are essential for upgrading the main characters. Power Points, acquired freely through Brawl Boxes and daily store offers, are crucial for upgrading. Strategic distribution of Power Points becomes a key consideration, as players must decide whether to concentrate them on a single character or distribute them evenly based on their preferred gameplay style.

Diverse Brawler Classes

Brawl Stars presents various Brawler classes, each falling into distinct categories:

  1. Warriors: These tanky Brawlers boast high health and armor, with moderate damage. Warriors excel in close-quarters combat, serving as the frontline in battles.
  2. Gunners: Specializing in long-range attacks, Gunners deliver potent firepower. However, their relatively weak health requires players to maneuver skillfully to avoid incoming damage.
  3. Assassins: Ranging from close-quarters to poison and stealth variations, Assassins feature high damage output and swift movement. They can swiftly approach enemies, utilizing skills for quick eliminations.
  4. Throwers: These Brawlers unleash powerful ranged attacks but have low health and armor. Strategic positioning is crucial for their survival.
  5. Support: This class, similar to Gunners in health, offers average attack capabilities but excels in causing detrimental effects. Supporting teammates with high-stun, healing, or armor-buffing abilities, they play a crucial role in battles.

Game Modes

Beyond the classic mode, Brawl Stars introduces additional modes such as Showdown (survival to the end), Bounty (maximize enemy eliminations), and Brawl Ball. Mode durations are time-limited, but players can extend playtime by reaching trophy milestones, ranging from 150 to 350 to 800.


Brawl Stars boasts a diverse champion skin system, allowing each character to undergo visual transformations. The graphics are vibrant, featuring cartoon-style visuals with an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. Each Brawler possesses unique characteristics, creatively designed based on their skills or roles in the game. The game’s effects are colorful and entertaining, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Music and Sound

The game’s lively soundtrack, with a fast tempo, heightens the thrill and excitement. Unique and interesting sound effects accompany player attacks and the use of Brawler skills. Additional in-game sounds, such as upgrading, unlocking, or item drops, contribute to the overall enjoyment.

MOD APK Version of Brawl Stars

MOD Feature: Unlimited Money

Note: Players in the MOD version will play on a private server.

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Armed with these insights, you’re well-equipped to dive into the captivating world of Brawl Stars. Download the game now and unleash your gaming prowess!

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Last updated on Dec 12, 2023

UPDATE 53: NEW BRAWL PASS! December 2023 - February 2024∙ Claim your FREE rewards including Mico (Mythic) in December! ∙ New monthly Brawl Pass with even more rewards starting January 4th! ∙ New Brawlers: Mico (Mythic), Kit (Legendary) and Larry & Lawrie (Epic) ∙ Hypercharges: Mico, Edgar, Crow, Dynamike, Fang and Leon ∙ Bug Fixes, New Skins, Win Streaks, Quality of Life Changes & more!

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