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Experience moments of tranquility on the farm with "Hay Day" from Supercell, featuring relaxing activities such as fishing, livestock …

Experience moments of tranquility on the farm with “Hay Day” from Supercell, featuring relaxing activities such as fishing, livestock care, and valley exploration. Ideal for unwinding after a hectic day.

Introduction to Hay Day:

Create Your Farming Paradise!

Dive into the serene world of Hay Day, an original farm game by Supercell. Boasting beautiful graphics, vibrant colors, and engaging gameplay with a plethora of activities, this game is effortlessly accessible yet far from monotonous, catering to players of all ages.

Venturing back to the countryside after leaving the bustling city is never a straightforward endeavor.


Cultivate, Decorate, and Customize Your Paradise!

Hay Day serves as the quintessential farm game, featuring stunning visuals, dynamic colors, and a variety of captivating activities. Importantly, the game is user-friendly, ensuring an enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

Embark on a journey to the countryside and immerse yourself in the cultivation of a variety of crops, including wheat, corn, fruit trees, and flowers. Your task involves selecting the right plant varieties, sowing, nurturing, and eagerly anticipating harvest day. Harvesting rice, picking vegetables, cutting flowers, and gathering fruits—all for direct sale or crafting into diverse agricultural products to be sold at the town market.

Cultivation in Hay Day is a stress-free experience; crops never deplete, even without rain. After harvesting, reuse the seeds to plant subsequent crops, expanding your farm and introducing more unique crops. As your gardens multiply, your farm expands, leading to increased profitability and overall improvement.

Farming goes beyond cultivating; it extends to breeding adorable animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, and ducks. The eggs, milk, and meat produced contribute to crafting various enticing agricultural products. As you progress, automated trucks handle crop harvesting, and you receive instant payment for your goods.

Through dedicated effort and daily tasks, your farm gradually evolves, transforming from a modest town farm into a thriving business. Incorporate production buildings like the Bakery, BBQ Grill, or Sugar Mill to diversify and sell more goods. The possibilities are boundless on this expanding Dream Farm, promising continuous enrichment.

A Lively Country Paradise:

Express Your Style Through Customization!

In Hay Day, personalize and decorate your farm with a plethora of items, ranging from panda statues, birthday cakes, to musical instruments like harps, tubas, and cellos. Add poetic elements such as flowers to attract butterflies, enhancing the charm of the country paradise you actively shape.

Beyond mere decoration, Farm Upgrades play a pivotal role. Use your funds to expand the farm, construct warehouses, acquire more trucks, and establish on-site shops selling agricultural products. Hay Day allows you the freedom to construct a farm reflecting your unique style, encouraging friends to trade city life for the allure of the countryside.


Efficient Transactions for Abundant Rewards!

Engage in trading and selling of Hay Day game items through trucks or trains, which arrive to fulfill pre-orders. Swift preparation, loading goods, and immediate collection of payment are essential.

Aside from significant shipments, daily trades with villagers involve exchanging crops, fresh produce, and resources, earning experience points and coins. Level up to unlock your Roadside Shop, offering more items and crops for sale.

Expand your farming horizons by joining friends in the Valley, where teamwork is crucial. Participate in a neighborhood or create your own, collaborating with up to 30 players. Share tips and aid each other in creating exceptional farms.

Summary of Hay Day Features:

Continuous Enrichment for a Relaxing Experience!

Hay Day is divided into three main components, featuring numerous daily activities that offer a reprieve from daily stresses. Each segment comprises exciting features, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for players:

Farm Construction:

  • Utilize farm tools for planting, harvesting, and processing agricultural products.
  • Customize your family farm into a rural paradise.
  • Enhance your farm with productive buildings like bakeries, feed mills, and sugar mills.
  • Grow diverse crops, including wheat and corn.
  • Breed adorable animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, and ducks.

Exciting Activities:

  • Enjoy fishing at the lake and showcase your skills.
  • Visit the town by repairing the train station to deliver goods to travelers.
  • Engage in valley activities with friends during important town events.
  • Befriend neighbors and welcome visitors to explore your farm.


  • Conduct trade via delivery trucks or trains.
  • Sell items through your farm’s shop.
  • Trade with neighbors, exchanging crops and fresh goods.
  • Collaborate with friends, sharing tips and completing transactions.
  • Compete in weekly derby events with neighbors for exciting rewards.

MOD APK version of Hay Day

MOD Features

  • unlimited money
  • Unlimited Seeds


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Unwind with Hay Day!

Hay Day offers a simple yet engaging farming experience, providing a lighter gameplay alternative compared to traditional PC or console farming games. With its captivating activities, colorful characters, and charming aesthetics, Hay Day is the perfect game for unwinding after a hectic day.

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