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Welcome to Gun Force, an exhilarating shoot'em-up Android game that pays homage to classic spaceship shooters from the past. …

Welcome to Gun Force, an exhilarating shoot’em-up Android game that pays homage to classic spaceship shooters from the past. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience as the stakes and scale are elevated to new heights. The fearless warriors in Gun Force are set to deliver hours of high-quality entertainment.

Introduction to Gun Force:

A Classic Shooter at Breakneck Speed!

Embark on a thrilling journey with Gun Force, a fast-paced classic shooting game that revitalizes the essence of iconic 2D pixel graphics. Inspired by the timeless appeal of arcade spaceship shooting games, Gun Force introduces a fresh twist by putting you in command of a mighty Warrior instead of a mechanical spaceship.

What Sets Gun Force Apart?

A Nostalgic Yet Refreshing Experience!

In a sea of intricate shooting role-playing games with demanding upgrade systems, Gun Force stands out as a breath of fresh air. As you delve into Gun Force, you’ll encounter a blend of familiarity and novelty, reminiscent of playing the classic Contra game. Take control of a formidable warrior infiltrating the heart of a criminal organization.

The game also pays homage to the intense firepower of classic arcade spaceship shooters, featuring bullets in waves of 3 or 5 rounds, saturating the battlefield relentlessly. Infused with contemporary elements like vibrant neon colors, cool warriors equipped with high-quality gear, and modern vehicles and weapons, Gun Force crafts a vivid shoot’em-up battle scenario.

Background Story:

Commander of the Gun Force Resistance Army!

As you enter Gun Force, you assume the role of the commander of the Gun Force resistance army, leading a team of skilled warriors armed with superior shooting abilities and advanced technology. Facing the imminent threat of the Legion—a colossal criminal organization bent on disrupting world peace—you wield advanced technology to craft iconic special weapons.

The Legion, with its biotechnology and formidable mechanized weapons, poses a severe risk to humanity. Their brutal tactics, including coups, attacks on civilians, and acts of terror, threaten global stability. The formation of Gun Force becomes imperative to counter this existential threat and prevent the Legion from pushing humanity to the brink of extinction.


Dynamic Controls and Lightning-Fast Combos!

Gun Force boasts intuitive control button design, enabling players to effortlessly navigate, shoot, switch weapons, and execute super-smooth combos. Perform actions such as jumping, running, dashing to dodge enemies, and utilizing environmental elements for cover. Engage in surprise raids, jump into action, and roll at breakneck speed to confront enemies.

The gameplay of Gun Force focuses on the speed and raid potential of the warrior character. Agility, flexibility, and high-speed shooting are key elements, increasing your chances of victory. As you progress, recruit new heroes with unique skills and appearances, each contributing stormy heavy attacks to crush your enemies.

Gun Force combines real-time combat with roguelike elements, offering randomness in each game screen, unexpected privileged abilities for each character, and easy-to-play yet difficult-to-master gameplay. The result is a series of exhilarating shootouts for players of all levels.

Upgrade Equipment, Vehicles, and Build the Perfect Team:

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Warriors!

In addition to recruiting new heroes, enhance the capabilities of your existing warriors by collecting scores, upgrading equipment, and crafting unique guns with unimaginable firepower. Explore a fusion of real-time combat and roguelike elements that create refreshing shootouts with every play.

Upgrade not only weapons but also vehicles, utilizing modern technology and cutting-edge off-road vehicles to overcome traps and enemies. Gun Force offers an array of possibilities to build the perfect team and dominate the battlefield.

MOD APK version of Gun Force:

Unleash God Mode with Enhanced Features!

MOD features:

  • Menu
  • God Mode

Download Gun Force APK & MOD for Android:

Conquer a Pixel Art World of Battles!

In Gun Force, the battle against the Legion faction unfolds across multiple continents, offering a vast world full of enemies. The pixel art landscape evolves with diverse contexts such as white snow, deserts, volcanoes, jungles, and more, awaiting your fearless exploration. Prepare for an immersive adventure in the pixelated war zones as you lead Gun Force to victory against the evil Legion.

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