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Embark on an epic journey with Seven Knights Idle Adventure, where you lead the formidable Seven Great Knights in …

Embark on an epic journey with Seven Knights Idle Adventure, where you lead the formidable Seven Great Knights in an ongoing battle against menacing villains to safeguard the world from impending chaos.

Introduction to Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Embark on an Epic Adventure with the Seven Knights!

Seven Heroine Knights

Seven Knights, renowned for their combat prowess, takes center stage in this action-packed series featuring Seven Great Female Knights. In Seven Knights Idle Adventure, players witness these valiant knights engaging in relentless battles across numerous dungeons and arenas, confronting hordes of villains.

The combat sequences in Seven Knights Idle Adventure unfold automatically, granting players the liberty to revel in the beauty and skills displayed. Simultaneously, strategic minds can come into play as you make choices regarding character upgrades and assemble a formidable and well-balanced team.

Automatic Combat with the Nearest Foe

The combat system in Seven Knights Idle Adventure operates entirely on automation. Characters autonomously identify and engage the nearest enemy until victory is achieved.

Utilizing pre-selected upgrades, each knight seamlessly executes actions, ensuring the accumulation of impressive experience points. Even when offline or AFK, players continue to accrue rewards, enhancing the immersive experience.

Build Your Heroic Squads

Seven Knights Idle Adventure provides an opportunity to reunite with beloved heroines from past Seven Knights games. Witness these heroines collaborating, forming a team that evolves from a modest group into a powerful assembly of radiant female heroes. Each character boasts distinct qualities, personalities, and combat styles, allowing for intricate combinations that render your squad invincible.

Upgrade Heroes for Comprehensive Strength

Participating heroes gain experience points with each victorious battle, elevating their strength. A team that gains more experience collectively becomes exponentially stronger. Imagine commanding a group of powerful heroines, each significantly enhanced, granting your squad a formidable advantage over adversaries.

Furthermore, battles yield achievement points that unlock an array of new weapons, equipment, and costumes. Distribute these items strategically among your team, enhancing not only their combat prowess but also their aesthetic appeal.

10v10 Combat

In Seven Knights Idle Adventure, assemble a squad comprising up to 10 characters for monster battles in PVE mode. Engage in combat against other players with a full 10v10 squad, providing diverse experiences across arenas, dungeons, and ominous settings. Automatic combat screens and captivating moves unfold, with ample room for tactical elements in formation and character development.

Choose Supportive Pets for Combat

Achievement points not only unlock weapons, equipment, and costumes but also grant access to pets. Equipping pets to team members enhances the squad’s visual grandeur and offers additional support in battles.

Each pet boasts a unique appearance, type, and combat abilities, diversifying the team’s strengths and contributing to future victories.

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Seven Knights Idle Adventure offers a straightforward yet engaging strategy game, providing an opportunity to savor epic combat skills with an alluring and powerful female squad. Are you prepared to delve into a strategic gaming experience filled with enjoyment?

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Last updated on Dec 29, 2023

1. Omniscient Reader Collaboration! - Legendary Characters, Costumes, Pets, and Collab Check-In added - Omniscient Reader Collab Dungeon added. 2. Infinite Tower and Stage levels added 3. Hero level cap increased (Unique, Legendary) 4. Five new profiles 5. Hero EXP Dungeon, Knight's Token Dungeon, and Trait levels added

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