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F Class Adventurer, an idle action RPG, promises hours of enjoyable gameplay without requiring excessive effort or time commitments.Introduction …

F Class Adventurer, an idle action RPG, promises hours of enjoyable gameplay without requiring excessive effort or time commitments.

Introduction to F Class Adventurer:

Experience a chibi-style Idle RPG on Android!


Embark on the journey of F Class Adventurer, where you step into the shoes of a daring adventurer with unremarkable skills and no valuable weapons or equipment. Undeterred by challenges and unafraid of danger, your character fearlessly explores, discovers, and battles countless monsters, determined to obtain the necessary resources. Through unwavering tenacity, you ascend the ranks of adventurers, overcoming life-threatening challenges to become the greatest S-class adventurer.

Gentle Automatic Gameplay:

Engage in the game’s automatic battles, allowing you to enjoy colorful idle auto-battles effortlessly. When you’re busy or offline, the character continues progressing automatically, maintaining a steady pace without requiring your active participation. For those seeking a more specialized development path or a quicker leveling process, manual interventions are also possible.

The player’s primary tasks include initiating battles, providing equipment, and leveling up to fortify the character. The remainder unfolds automatically according to the pre-designed route, enabling continuous collection of money, gold, items, and character advancements.

Many Stages Await:

Your journey in F Class Adventurer spans over a thousand stages, each presenting unique contexts, challenges, and risks. Traverse diverse areas such as dark forests, old strongholds, and ancient temples, with distinct enemies and abilities corresponding to each context. Forge new equipment at the smithy, and after honing your weapons, progress through increasingly complex stages with sharper blades.

Character Upgrade System:

The leveling system in F Class Adventurer is straightforward for those familiar with the genre. Victory over monsters rewards experience points (Exp), contributing to leveling up. Each level-up yields Talent points, used to enhance character stats in the Talent section. Gold coins are utilized to increase stats like ATK, HP, DEF, and CRI DMG.

Explore the variety of equipment, including swords, and enhance them at the smithy. Combine identical items to create higher-rarity equipment. Special skills play a crucial role, with diamonds unlocking new skills. Skill types include Slash, Aura, Magic, and Blessing, each with varying rarity levels.

Intense boss battles yield valuable rewards such as money, gold, diamonds, and reputation.


MOD Features:

  • Menu
  • Immortal


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Experience the thrill of battle, charming cartoon characters, and adorable monsters in F Class Adventurer. Immerse yourself in the classic leveling system of a mobile idle role-playing game. Download F Class Adventurer for a delightful and engaging action-adventure experience!

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