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Embark on a Fight for Survival in Dead Trigger!The ominous cry, "Run! Run! Run away! There are demons all …

Embark on a Fight for Survival in Dead Trigger!

The ominous cry, “Run! Run! Run away! There are demons all around!” echoes, serving as a final warning that tragedy looms beyond the door. The world is in chaos, with figures that resemble humans but lack vitality, resembling ghosts. Life as it was has come to an end. If you harbor any desire to fight for survival, seize your weapons and confront the looming apocalypse in Dead Trigger!

Introducing Dead Trigger

What is Dead Trigger?

Dead Trigger emerges as a first-person FPS game seamlessly blending horror and survival genres. Published by MADFINGER Games in late 2012, the game has amassed an impressive 50 million downloads solely on the Android platform, a testament to its undeniable appeal. For those hesitating to dive into Dead Trigger, this staggering download figure speaks volumes.

The Story Unfolds

In the blink of an eye, the world succumbs to chaos. A few short months ago, the recognizable human world underwent a drastic transformation. A failed military experiment with biological weapons led to the escape of a mutant virus from the laboratory. This diabolical virus transforms the infected into zombies—lifeless, decaying beings with an insatiable craving for human brains. The contagion spreads beyond government control at an alarming pace, plunging the world into a plague within a year.

Yet, all hope is not lost. A resilient faction of survivors emerges, determined to combat the bloodthirsty zombies and discover an antidote to save humanity. You are among them. Assume the role of an apocalypse warrior, sweeping aside all obstacles in your quest to rescue humanity.

Engaging Gameplay

Within the game, you step into the boots of the most robust warrior among the apocalyptic survivors, armed to the teeth, ready to confront hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. Unleash a relentless barrage of bullets upon the undead, aiming primarily for their heads to maximize damage—these undead adversaries cannot withstand more than three headshots!

Dead Trigger boasts ten distinct battlegrounds for players to navigate during team missions. Your mission is straightforward: capture the area and regain control from the zombie menace. Destroying them all is the key, yet zombies display a degree of intelligence, opting to attack in groups rather than alone. Focusing on eliminating them one by one proves to be an effective strategy.

Variety of Zombie Types

In a bid to combat monotony, Dead Trigger introduces an array of zombie types, each with unique strength and tenacity. The enemy AI in this FPS game reaches new heights, with zombies displaying the ability to detect and surround you. From the formidable Hulk Zombie to the nimble Police Zombie armed with mine-throwing abilities, and even a festive Santa Zombie appearing during Christmas, the undead come in diverse forms. The challenge is relentless, demanding unwavering focus from players.

Diverse Arsenal

To stand resilient against the relentless zombie onslaught, you must equip yourself with a formidable array of destructive weapons. Dead Trigger presents a treasure trove of heavy weaponry waiting to be discovered—from maneuverable pistols and close-range shotguns to heavy machine guns capable of mowing down thousands of zombies.

Mines emerge as effective weapons to break the siege when surrounded by overwhelming numbers of zombies. A well-placed grenade can evaporate all zombies in its radius. The game even introduces innovative bombs with unique effects, such as a flare that stuns zombies, rendering them temporarily motionless even when fired upon.

Unlock Character Upgrades

As you achieve feats by dispatching zombies and completing challenging tasks, you accumulate points. Reaching specific point thresholds unlocks 13 character upgrades sequentially. These upgrades include invaluable features like an automatic zombie detection radar and Autoheal, which heals you when injured or attacked by zombies.

These upgrades not only enhance your combat speed and flexibility but also introduce numerous opportunities to proactively engage epic zombies. They provide the means to confront zombies solo while preserving your chances of survival.

Continue the Zombie War in Dead Trigger 2

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  • Unlimited Money

Note: You can make purchases even if your in-game funds are insufficient.

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Despite its age, Dead Trigger, with its captivating 3D graphics, continues to captivate players with its meticulously designed gameplay. The adventure of the main character in this world is far from over. Once you’ve conquered Dead Trigger, venture into its sequel, Dead Trigger 2, and prolong your journey as an apocalypse warrior!

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