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KUBOOM stands out as a first-person FPS game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited, gaining over 10 million downloads …

KUBOOM stands out as a first-person FPS game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited, gaining over 10 million downloads and nearly 500 thousand positive reviews on Google Play since its release. This unexpected success has not only brought recognition to the talented developers but has also generated considerable excitement for their inaugural FPS creation.


Introduction to KUBOOM

A fusion of FPS and Minecraft aesthetics.


Minecraft’s colossal success set the stage for subsequent quality products to hit the market. KUBOOM, a shooting game based on the Minecraft concept, has garnered acclaim among mobile gamers.

In KUBOOM, players dive into battles featuring familiar retro squares in each scene. Unlike Minecraft’s exploration and construction focus, players wield modern weaponry, immersing themselves in intense and thrilling combat scenarios.

Typical First-Person Shooter Gameplay

From the outset, players quickly grasp that KUBOOM adheres to typical FPS conventions, akin to Modern Combat and Call of Duty. The controls are user-friendly, with movement and jumping on the left screen and shooting, reloading, and aiming on the right—convenient and intuitive.

KUBOOM delivers heart-pounding matches in Deathmatch mode with up to 10 participants. Offering over 20 expansive maps and an arsenal of 50-plus weapons, including pistols, rifles, SMGs, and submachine guns, the game ensures a diverse and engaging experience.

Despite the game’s high tempo, the developer has thoughtfully balanced and streamlined the gameplay to facilitate accessibility for new players. This ensures that even newcomers can seamlessly integrate after a few matches.

Extensive Arsenal of Weapons

KUBOOM boasts an impressive selection of over 50 types of guns commonly found in shooting games. From M1911 pistols and AK47 rifles to shotguns, anti-tank sniper rifles, and grenade launchers, the game provides diverse options. Furthermore, players can customize weapons, altering their appearance and internal components like barrels, silencers, and extra magazines to enhance power and performance. Regular updates introduce new skins and weapons, keeping the gameplay fresh.

Character Dynamics

Unlike traditional shooting games where characters primarily enhance visual appeal, KUBOOM grants characters additional powers and skills, providing a strategic advantage on the battlefield. Each character possesses unique abilities, such as double-jumping, increased earnings, or special melee weapons, contributing to diverse gameplay experiences.

Collectible Skins

Players can acquire over 45 unique skins through in-game bonuses, ranging from common to rare classifications. Additionally, more than 100 color skins allow users to customize weapon appearances. The game also features a comprehensive system for changing and upgrading stats and characteristics for each specific weapon. With over 45 skins to collect, players can uncover hidden, rare, and valuable skins through event rewards or earned keys after victories.

Diverse Modes and Maps

KUBOOM offers a plethora of experiences with over 20 large maps, each presenting distinct characteristics and environments. Players must strategize to navigate and conquer each map effectively. The game introduces various modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Survival, Capture Points, Boom, Battle Royale, and Duel. These modes progressively unlock as players ascend through ranks.


Choosing a distinctive path from modern graphics technology, KUBOOM adopts graphics reminiscent of Minecraft—simple, colorful design with fun-styled characters. The game exhibits beautiful overall graphics, meticulously optimized to ensure a lag-free experience, delivering smooth online matches even on mid-range devices.

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In essence, KUBOOM encapsulates all the essential elements of an outstanding FPS game. If you are a fan of Minecraft-themed games and seek a refreshing experience, KUBOOM is the ideal answer for you.

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Last updated on Dec 29, 2023

BIG UPDATE! - The "Bomb" mode has been redesigned + 3 new maps created specifically for this mode have been added! - Avatars and Titles have been added! - New daily quest system, contracts and ACHIEVEMENTS! - "Black market" with the rarest secret skins! The range is updated daily. - Ability to adjust the crosshair and FOV! - Big improvements to netcode and hit registration! - A huge number of improvements and fixes (sounds, grenade physics, interface and more)!

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