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SNOW stands out as a professional photography and editing app, renowned for its commitment to a natural aesthetic. Beyond …

SNOW stands out as a professional photography and editing app, renowned for its commitment to a natural aesthetic. Beyond conventional color and facial detail correction, SNOW distinguishes itself by enhancing body features through specialized tools for editing curves.

Introducing SNOW

Effortlessly achieve professional photo edits with just a few taps using SNOW!

What Makes SNOW Special

If you’ve tried numerous photo editing applications but crave a genuinely professional touch, SNOW’s distinction lies in its commitment to preserving natural contours. The app avoids overdoing or overly enhancing features, setting it apart from mass photo editors.

SNOW boasts over 200 million downloads, owed to its natural, vibrant, and professional style. This sets it apart from other mobile photo editing and shooting apps, making each post-edited photo a testament to SNOW’s unique approach.

SNOW Features:

1. Photography Excellence

– Capture stunning photos using your mobile’s camera or elevate them further by snapping through SNOW for enhanced beauty and delicacy without the need for filters or excessive retouching.

2. Stylish AR Makeup
– Choose from a diverse range of makeup tools to accentuate your distinct facial features. SNOW’s goal is to highlight subject characteristics, achieved through integrated AR technology that seamlessly connects facial features and makeup colors.

3. Exclusive Filters

– SNOW boasts hundreds of exclusive filters, regularly updated to keep your photos fresh, creative, and characterized by gentle, natural colors inspired by life materials.

4. Unique Stickers

– Access thousands of unique stickers to add a personal touch and uniqueness to your photos.

5. Customizable Effects

– Easily customize makeup effects, filters, and stickers to suit your preferences, allowing you to elevate your photos with a personalized touch.

6. Sense Time Facial Recognition Technology

– SNOW introduces the all-new Sense Time facial recognition technology, allowing users to edit faces freely without affecting the overall image color. It separates the face from the background, ensuring natural and vivid features remain intact after editing.

7. Body Retouch Feature

– SNOW’s signature Body Retouch feature lets you define and edit different parts of the body independently, offering precise interventions such as facial slimming, shoulder adjustments, belly and abs enhancements, breast enlargement, waist reduction, and more.

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For those seeking an intelligent application for capturing and adjusting images and videos, SNOW is an excellent choice. Its user-friendly interface, simple operations, and commitment to delivering natural, clear, and sharp aesthetics make it accessible to all. SNOW ensures quick and satisfactory results, providing an artistic and professional touch while preserving the unique contours of both face and body.

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Last updated on Jan 19, 2024

[Hair color] Correction > Hair Color feature has been added! Discover even more colors like ash and ombre. In addition to color, you can also correct your hair texture.[Body Correction] 4 new body corrections (Neck muscle, Square shoulders, Chest, Arms (thinner)) added! Try even more body corrections right now![Layout] Combine multiple photos and create a collage.

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