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Just like the name suggests, the city you reside in is a bustling metropolis with a large and constantly …

Just like the name suggests, the city you reside in is a bustling metropolis with a large and constantly moving population. Everyone is busy with their tasks, and your job is to lead a group of people, run, and attract others to join by getting close to them for a certain period.

Crowd City is a competitive game similar to, where you and 9 other players join forces as leaders of different colored crowd groups. Each match lasts for two minutes, and after that, the group with the highest number becomes the winner. The person with the white color on the streets, not drawn to any group, should be cautious, as if they have a larger number, they can “swallow” all your members, ending your game. You can “steal” some members if you move skillfully, but it might not be a good idea.

Simple Controls

Voodoo games are known for their simplicity, and Crowd City is no exception. Easy to play, simple to control, and captivating are qualities players often mention about this game. You just need to control the direction of your crowd cleverly to attract the most people. If other players are faster, they will attract people on the streets, so you won’t be able to expand your crowd.

The best way to steal all members from other groups is to surround them so they can’t escape. Remember that the more soldiers you have, the more of a champion you’ll be.

Get 1st Place and Earn Stars

Players in this game come from all corners of the world. Every time you defeat all other players and secure the 1st place, you earn numerous stars. These stars can be used to buy more people when you start the game. The more people you have, the more competitive you become.

Simple Graphics

Cities in Crowd City are simulated with 3D graphics, resembling reality with scenes like trees and houses. However, the people in the game are the opposite – they are designed to look the same, differing only in color. Additionally, the sound enhances the overall fun of the game.

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Crowd City is an excellent casual game with a creative and enjoyable gameplay format. The game offers challenges and real-time competition. Each match takes only 2 minutes, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere. Keep in mind that your device needs to be connected to the internet for optimal functionality.

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