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The outer space, also known as the galaxy, is a place of endless mystery and captivates the interest of …

The outer space, also known as the galaxy, is a place of endless mystery and captivates the interest of everyone. This theme is widely used in movies, video games, and has gained immense love from the community. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to a game set in the galaxy – Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack.


Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is a product of Onesoft, a familiar publisher previously known for Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Both games share a space-themed shooting simulation gameplay. You’ll discover that extraterrestrial beings are real and they are attempting to invade our Earth. Sound familiar from sci-fi movies, doesn’t it?

Guardians of the Galaxy

On a clear day, the sky is a vibrant green, but little do people know that behind the white clouds lies an invasion of alien creatures from distant galaxies threatening Earth. They destroy the aircraft sent by NASA to stop them. The fate of all life on Earth is in your hands. Do you know what to do?

Space Combat

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack immerses you in intense space combat, where you pilot a spaceship facing formidable enemies. If you don’t have teammates, you must navigate the ship on your own, aim the gun barrels at the enemies, and destroy them. However, it’s not that simple – your enemies have powerful spaceships that are not easily annihilated and can counter-attack. The difficulty increases as you progress!

Gameplay resembles the legendary Chicken Invaders. From the start, you receive a versatile spaceship to combat the enemy. Unlike previous games, there’s an interesting power-up system that upgrades your spaceship as the game progresses. Upgrade your spaceship and face the enemy!

Enemies and Commanders

Compared to the easily defeated enemies in the first levels, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack introduces a system with numerous battleships and aliens for you to combat. It comes with a variety of new spaceships, each with different functions. Especially the bosses carry formidable weapons.

Space Shooter Galaxy Attack Screenshot

Similar to Chicken Invaders, in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, you have a mission to save the galaxy from the hands of villains. In each constellation, besides admiring their mysterious beauty, you must also face dangerous enemies. With state-of-the-art spaceships and powerful weapons like big guns, nuclear missiles, and laser beams, they are ready to destroy everything. As the last hope of Earth, you are not allowed to fail while the fate of humanity is still in danger.


The strength of your fleet depends largely on your combat spacecraft. Compared to ordinary spaceships, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack offers more advanced ones to face increasingly powerful enemies. Additionally, you can upgrade your spacecraft with guns or nuclear weapons. The completeness and readiness of your spaceship are crucial. Just wait for the battle and control it to bring peace to the galaxy.


One standout feature of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is its graphics – with meticulous image quality, each battle appears like scenes from a blockbuster movie with fantastic lighting and special effects. Countless battleships and diverse weapons are ready to participate in the “Space War Party.” Trust me; the game will keep your eyes glued to your phone every second.

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With both Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and now Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, Onesoft has proven its ability to create captivating space combat games. This reaffirms the excitement of intergalactic war games. What are you waiting for? Join the fight today to protect the Earth from the invasion of extraterrestrial beings!

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