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ZOOM is a familiar tool for many people since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. It is an online …

ZOOM is a familiar tool for many people since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. It is an online meeting application that provides enthusiastic support and numerous utilities for communication, work, and remote learning needs.

Introduction to ZOOM:
A free online application for meetings, learning, and work.

Prior to the pandemic, online meeting applications had their place but did not experience significant growth. However, everything changed when the pandemic hit. With people staying at home and quarantine measures in place, online communication became the primary means for work, study, and personal connections.

During this time, ZOOM emerged as a leading online meeting application. Its popularity continues to grow due to the uncertain future and the useful features it offers.

What is ZOOM?
ZOOM is a remote communication application developed by Eric Yuan in 2011 and released in 2013. Despite facing various challenges, ZOOM remains a preferred choice in online communication.

2020 marked an important milestone for ZOOM’s development, with over 500 million users on the Android operating system alone, according to Google Play statistics. This speaks to the widespread popularity of the application.

Reasons for ZOOM’s remarkable growth:
Firstly, ZOOM offers a completely free version, making it accessible to a large number of users. While there is a paid version with advanced features for organizations, individuals can use ZOOM without any limitations, making it particularly appealing to students, teachers, and individuals seeking to connect with friends.

Secondly, ZOOM utilizes cloud technology to ensure stable image and sound transmission even with average internet quality. This enables seamless synchronization across multiple devices under the same account.

Furthermore, ZOOM prioritizes an intuitive interface and ease of use. It was developed with the goal of making online communication and meeting organization effortless. Even elementary school students can navigate and utilize this application for online learning.

Lastly, ZOOM prioritizes security. Given its use for work and study, maintaining confidentiality is crucial. In addition to basic security measures, ZOOM enhances security by allowing room owners to approve participants before granting access to meetings.

Key features of ZOOM include:
– Free audio and video calls.
– Unlimited meeting duration for paid users.
– Safe driving mode.
– Compatibility with different network speeds.
– Authorization feature for others to join meetings on your behalf.
– Ability to invite up to 100 participants per meeting.
– Compatibility with various devices, including Android, mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and phones.
– High-quality video meetings.
– Easy joining and starting of meetings through phone, email, or company directory.
– Mobile screen sharing.
– Real-time annotation on shared content.
– Instant messaging with the ability to send messages, files, images, and links.
– Interactive chats with emojis.
– Creation and participation in public and private chat channels.
– Business number for easy calling and receiving voicemail with recording.
– Call authorization to make and receive calls on behalf of others.
– Automated receptionist to answer and route calls.
– Safe driving mode for meetings on the go.
– Integration with Zoom Room and ability to start meetings from the Android app.
– Access to Zoom webinars and OnZoom events (US Beta only).
– Works on WiFi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks.

Download ZOOM APK for Android:
Having ZOOM installed on your device ensures uninterrupted communication, learning, and work activities, even in situations where direct participation is not possible. With its wide range of features, from basic to advanced, ZOOM is a reliable tool for addressing any communication needs.

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