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Chronus presents a comprehensive set of widgets, encompassing Home screen Clock and Lock screen, featuring Weather Alerts, News Feed, …

Chronus presents a comprehensive set of widgets, encompassing Home screen Clock and Lock screen, featuring Weather Alerts, News Feed, Google Tasks, Stocks, and Calendar—all within a lightweight and unified app.


Introduction to Chronus:

All-in-One Clock, Weather, Calendar, and News Feed Widgets!

In the realm of mobile interfaces, both the home screen and lock screen play pivotal roles in our daily interactions. An amalgamation of essential information seamlessly integrated into these screens allows for quick access without the need to delve into applications or news pages.

Chronus steps in as the solution to this need, providing a unified platform where you can effortlessly glance at critical information with a simple tap or light touch on your phone.


Exploring Chronus:

A Unified Hub for Clock, Weather, Calendar, and News Feed Widgets!

Chronus acts as a consolidated package of widgets, offering Clock and Weather for both Home and Lock screens, accompanied by News Feed, Google Tasks, Stocks, and Calendar functionalities.


Optimized Efficiency and Resource Usage:

Streamlined for Minimal Storage and Battery Consumption!

As a versatile utility, Chronus stands out for its optimized CPU and data usage, outperforming other utility apps. Multiple Chronus utilities on the same device share the same terminal processing system, ensuring simultaneous updates without excessive drain on storage or battery. It efficiently provides crucial information without burdening your device’s CPU, data, or battery resources.


Developer Insights:

Enhanced Compatibility and Third-Party Support!

Chronus seamlessly integrates with Android 4.0 and above, offering compatibility with third-party lock screen software on Android 5+. However, users employing the Xposed framework to surpass the Android Widget API may experience conflicts with the Chronus application.

Chronus Feature Highlights:

  • Comprehensive set of widgets, including Flex, Flex (Analog), Pixel+, Pixel2+, Clock+, Clock+ (News Feed), News Feed, News, Google Tasks, and Weather.
  • Customizable interface with diverse components.
  • Weather information from Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground (PWS), and MET Norway.
  • Notification alerts for Weather, Calendar, and Tasks through concise notifications.
  • News Feed feature with integrated RSS feed, Pocket, and Internal Article Reader support.
  • Calendar functionality supporting scrollable upcoming events.
  • Showcase and emphasize upcoming calendar events with customizable bold colors and fonts.
  • Utility settings backup and restore feature.
  • Two (2) DashClock Extensions in Flex and ‘Dash’ widget.
  • Extensions for Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar, and Messages.
  • Support for CyanogenMod weather provider.


Pro Version Advantages:

Unlock Premium Features for Enhanced Experience!

Consider upgrading to the Pro version for an enriched Chronus experience, featuring additional premium elements such as:

  • Extra Widgets (Weather Board, Calendar, Clock, Weather Panel, and Stocks).
  • Customize actions for Clock, Weather, and Calendar taps to open specific apps.
  • Adjust Clock and Weather position alignment.
  • Choose between digital or analog clock display.
  • Calendar month interface customization.
  • Color-coded Calendar and Events.
  • Widget background customization.
  • Integration of additional News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit).
  • Sleep mode screen feature.
  • Unlimited DashClock Extension additions.
  • Android Wear support.
  • Chronus Wear integration with Google Fit and weather forecasts.


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Chronus, though appearing as a seemingly modest mobile app, plays a pivotal role in enhancing user convenience by amalgamating hundreds of utility features. It contributes to diversifying the myriad possibilities that a smartphone encapsulates. Utilize Chronus to have a comprehensive

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