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Engage in the wildly entertaining battle royale mayhem of Zooba, where players transform into rebellious zoo animals, overthrowing the …

Engage in the wildly entertaining battle royale mayhem of Zooba, where players transform into rebellious zoo animals, overthrowing the zookeepers. The last surviving creature, having defeated all zookeepers, emerges victorious in each action-packed showdown.

Introduction to Zooba: Rebel in the Zoo Battle Royale!

Have you ventured through the intense excitement and constant thrill of battle royale games like Fortnite or PUBG Mobile? If you’re yearning for a unique twist, a fresh theme that breaks away from the ordinary, then Zooba is your next gaming expedition.

Play as Zoo Rebels

Bid farewell to the role of a conventional warrior, as Zooba immerses you in the world of rebellious beasts within the national zoo. Clash with fellow animals and, ultimately, the zookeeper to ascend as the zoo’s ruler. Seize control of the food chain and shape the destiny of the zoo inhabitants in Zooba—a mission like no other.

Zooba introduces a delightfully entertaining online battle royale experience where animals take on the persona of brave warriors. Each creature boasts distinctive weapons that align with its combat style. Maneuver through the virtual buttons on the screen, seamlessly switch weapons, eliminate adversaries, accrue scores, and accomplish feats. Earn points to unlock power-up items, upgrade weaponry, and switch to more advanced arms.

With a potential player count of up to 45 participants in each online battle, Zooba offers various game modes beyond the traditional battle royale, all converging toward the singular goal of fighting until your last breath to claim the coveted title—King of the Zoo.

Animal Upgrades

To complement the player’s “animal transformation,” Zooba presents over 20 animal species, each boasting unique strengths, weaknesses, mobility, and weaponry. Employing these traits, along with strategically utilizing weapons during battle, you gradually conquer opponents and ascend to the ultimate throne.

Beyond unlocking and upgrading weapons, players can collect valuable items to enhance their characters—armor, helmets, backpacks, and more. The more items amassed, the more impressive and powerful your animal character becomes.

Explore the intriguing characteristics of each animal, opting for a different species each time to diversify your experience. Combined with various weapons, your fighting style evolves, offering the flexibility to defend, launch aggressive attacks, or stealthily await the perfect opportunity to strike.

Animals in Zooba showcase a plethora of expressions, conveying themselves in hundreds of different ways, evident in the heat of battle, victories, or defeats. Witness amusing and entertaining faces amidst the intensity of the game.

Play with Friends or Online

In Zooba, invite friends for a multiplayer experience or join forces with random online players worldwide in the ferocious fight for the food chain, vying for supremacy on the zoo leaderboards. Participate in weekly special events to secure exclusive items, gaining a substantial advantage in subsequent levels.


MOD APK Version of Zooba:

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Enemies are consistently visible on the screen.

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Zooba offers a vibrant and competitive battleground, rivaling any battle royale game. Embrace your inner “animal instinct” as you navigate the thrilling role of these zoo creatures. Embark on this adventure now—what are you waiting for?

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