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Explore the captivating world of Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor, a 3D rendition reminiscent of the acclaimed …

Explore the captivating world of Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor, a 3D rendition reminiscent of the acclaimed mobile game Among Us. Streamlining the ways, roles, and gameplay processes, this version offers players exhilarating brain battles with a touch of minimalism.

Introduction to Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor

A concise 3D adaptation inspired by Among Us!

Unique Features of Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor?

If you found Among Us somewhat lacking in its monotonous design and 2D graphics, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor offers a visually stunning 3D experience akin to Among Us but with a more streamlined and minimalist gameplay style.

Derived from inspiration drawn from Among Us, Werewolf, and Squid Games, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor artfully combines elements from these games, offering a puzzle experience tailored for mobile gaming enthusiasts.


The entire narrative unfolds within a sprawling Spaceship occupied by a crew of members and concealed impostors.

The Space Crew diligently battles daily to avert a shipwreck by maintaining routine operations and ensuring the ship’s smooth functionality. Simultaneously, impostors lurk behind the façade of the crew, with the sinister goal of eliminating all crew members and seizing control of the ship. Amidst the chaos, a group of neutral individuals with no vested interest adds an additional layer of complexity to the mystery.

With three conflicting objectives, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor introduces a series of enigmatic murders, intense confrontations, and unrelenting suspicion. The fate of the spaceship hangs in the balance, and the battle for supremacy ensues.


In Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor, assuming the role of the Crew entails understanding that killers are among you, yet their identities remain elusive. As a Crew member, you engage in various ship-related tasks while remaining vigilant for any signs of foul play.

Upon each demise, a siren blares, prompting everyone to gather, scrutinize the scene, and initiate a voting duel to identify the most suspicious individual. The person with the highest votes faces expulsion into space, regardless of innocence or guilt. Victory for the Crew is achieved by detecting and eliminating all impostors.

Impersonators must discreetly execute their mission: to eliminate all crew members without detection until the final moment. Skulking and observing, they strike opportunistically, ensuring their actions remain undetected during voting sessions. The Impostor prevails by exterminating the crew.

Neutral players refrain from expressing opinions during confrontations, instead quietly observing and voting when a clear culprit emerges. Despite the seemingly straightforward role, the neutral position carries a higher risk of being labeled a suspect compared to the other active groups.

Execution conditions, tasks, and victory criteria differ for each role, culminating in distinctive actions and reactions. In this shared context, where life and death hang in the balance, individuals grapple fiercely, defending their rationale or identity.

Global Player Interaction

In this refined 3D version of Among Us, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor invites players to engage in brain battles with participants worldwide.

Featuring engaging modes like Classic Play and Leaderboard Challenges, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor guarantees hours of thrilling gameplay. Real-time visual chat functionality fosters communication between players, enabling the establishment of friendships with fellow players from the same region, fostering linguistic camaraderie.

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While Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor retains the essence of the original gameplay, it introduces critical enhancements, such as the inclusion of three roles instead of the usual two in Among Us games. Coupled with stunning 3D graphics, this game promises a must-play experience. Dive into the excitement—download and play now!

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