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Temple Run 2, crafted by Imangi Studios, transcends the typical endless run game, offering players a captivating and distinct …

Temple Run 2, crafted by Imangi Studios, transcends the typical endless run game, offering players a captivating and distinct experience that sets it apart from other games in the genre.


Introduction to Temple Run 2:

Embark on an endless run adventure with a unique twist!

Temple Run 2 has achieved a staggering two million downloads, making it a standout casual game in the endless run category. So, what sets Temple Run 2 apart from its counterparts in the mobile gaming world?

The game distinguishes itself with a remarkable problem setting and distinctive graphics. Departing from the modern cityscapes and crowded streets typically found in endless run games, Temple Run 2 breathes fresh air into the genre. Its setting unfolds in ancient temples, boasting attractive 3D graphics dominated by a warm brown color palette. The maze-like roads around the ancient temple create a unique and compelling atmosphere that sets Temple Run 2 apart.



Lost within ancient temples, an archaeologist endeavors to escape the relentless pursuit of malevolent monkeys. Navigating the intricate maze of ancient temples is no simple task, with numerous levels featuring traps, monsters, and obstacles.

In this challenging scenario, your only option is to run swiftly, exhibiting agility on the narrow paths. Running, climbing, leaping, and swinging become essential as the screen perpetually propels you forward.

Temple Run 2 captivates players with an intriguing story and an opening that boldly deviates from conventional endless run experiences. The gradual unfolding of ancient temples, akin to a labyrinth, adds an element of mystery, compelling you to delve into the race while remaining cautious of the unfamiliar challenges that lie ahead.



Temple Run 2 immerses players in non-stop running action. The objective is to sprint forward, utilizing your skills to outpace pursuing monsters, overcome obstacles, collect gold coins, and navigate deadly traps throughout the ancient temples.

The controls in Temple Run 2 are straightforward and can be mastered in minutes:

  • Swipe up: Jump to evade obstacles.
  • Swipe down: Slide to pass beneath obstacles.
  • Swipe left/right: Change lanes to navigate.

However, mastery of controls serves as only the foundation; success depends on the player’s agility, keen observation, and precise execution of maneuvers. As you become more accustomed to the endless run genre, familiarity with the layout of obstacles will facilitate smoother navigation.

Accumulating gold coins enables the purchase of items and equipment to aid your character’s escape. Notable items include:

  • Shield: Protection against traps and obstacles.
  • Boost: Accelerates movement speed.
  • Coin Magnet: Attracts coins while running.

Gold coins can also unlock intriguing characters, such as Scarlett Fox, Guy Dangerous, Karma Lee, and even martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Each character possesses unique skills that, when utilized effectively, facilitate easier level progression.

Temple Run 2 stands out by offering more than just running. The adventurer not only sprints but also exhibits various unique skills such as swinging, mountain jumping, and navigating small precipices. Exploiting these character abilities, combined with basic maneuvers, allows players to delve deeper into the game.

Additionally, Temple Run 2 introduces a new mine map where players navigate tracks to escape pursuing monsters. This driving element, with its intuitive controls, adds another layer of excitement to the game.


Graphics and Sound:

Temple Run 2 boasts impressive 3D graphics that, while not full HD, evoke excitement among players. The dominant color palette and beautifully drawn winding roads around ancient temples, filled with meticulous details, enhance the overall visual appeal. The inherently thrilling gameplay is elevated further through vibrant and energetic graphics.

The sound complements the experience, exuding energy and seamlessly fitting into the game’s narrative. The addictive soundtrack ensures players remain immersed in the game without wanting to pause for even a moment.

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Complete one level to get a lot of Coins and Gems.

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Temple Run 2 has elevated the endless run game genre to new heights, excelling in setting creation, context care, character additions, skills, and the inclusion of additional driving elements. For those seeking the most enchanting endless run game on mobile, Temple Run 2 is the top recommendation.

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Last updated on Dec 28, 2023

Christmas chaos sweeps The Temple – fan favorite map Winter Toyland has returned! Runners new and old race for the Christmas tree! How far can you run? – New Runner! A Yuletide Yeti crashes Christmas! – New Outfit! Barry Bones becomes The Shadow of the Mountain! – New Pet! Unlock Prototype 01, the Wright brothers' original airplane! – New Hat! Don the blazing Candle Abra! – Favorite Runners return! Collect Conductor Watty, Wintermyst, and the chaotic Christmas elves Winky and Pip!

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