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SOULS presents a seamless blend of idle tactical role-playing and side-scrolling adventure gameplay. As you plunge into the ethereal …

SOULS presents a seamless blend of idle tactical role-playing and side-scrolling adventure gameplay. As you plunge into the ethereal realm, uncovering the concealed secrets of a fractured continent, the pivotal question arises—will you emerge as the savior of all, or succumb to the wilds as a mere victim? Embark on the journey of SOULS to unravel the answer.

Introduction to SOULS

Eye-catching and powerful turn-based battles!

Initiate the Quest to Save the World

SOULS unfolds in a mysterious realm known as the Spirit World, the abode of countless gentle souls awaiting rebirth for a fresh start.

An unforeseen incident transpires—a sinister force blankets the land, resulting in the severe division of the ancient continent. This darkness strives to permeate every corner, devouring souls to amass power for a nefarious scheme.

As the guardian of the Spirit Land, your mission is to unveil the truth behind this unexpected event, deciphering all the enigmatic secrets. Time is of the essence as you endeavor to restore the entire land, salvaging the besieged souls before it’s too late.

Adventure in the Spirit World

A world adorned with floating footsteps gradually materializes. From distant towering mountain peaks to expansive green fields unfurling before your eyes, and the shimmering river, the ambiance exudes a gentle and tender aura with its peaceful pastel tones.

SOULS stands out as an idle strategy game with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The enchanting landscapes, reminiscent of a fairyland, provide a soothing and gratifying experience, even during the most fatigued moments of your day.

Collect Countless Characters in the Spirit World

With its unique tactical gameplay, SOULS immerses you in a scenario where leveraging all available resources is essential to vanquish the myriad enemies encroaching upon the Spirit Land.

SOULS boasts a substantial roster of over 60 outstanding, distinctive heroes, progressively introduced to aid you in your adventure.

The crux of SOULS lies in assembling a formidable team. With a wealth of characters exceeding 60, each new addition prompts you to delve into their world, gaining insights into their stories, personalities, and skills. This knowledge proves invaluable in strategically selecting and assembling an optimal squad for battles.

Tactics Emerge from Formation

Empowered by the existing warrior characters, you will systematically construct a potent hero squad to venture deeper into the Spirit Land. Each warrior, given the opportunity to engage in battle, not only decimates enemies but also levels up, unlocks new weapons, and accrues experience points, enhancing your chances of unlocking additional characters.

With new additions, the game introduces deeper tactical considerations. Questions of squad arrangement and leveraging the right fighting skills against adversaries from your team demand thoughtful answers. Addressing these queries signifies the culmination of strategic thinking for intense confrontations with the monstrous denizens of the land.

Experiment with Varied Formations

As your hero count rises, the array of combinations through different formations with alterations in positions, arrangements, and numbers becomes more extensive. Each formation boasts distinct strengths, advantages, and disadvantages, allowing you to experiment with multiple lineups during each change.

Gradually, you discern the optimal arrangement aligned with your playstyle, shaping your unique combat approach.

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Take the reins as the leader of a heroic army, poised to rescue the Spirit World. SOULS is a captivating idle turn-based strategy game, adorned with an unmistakably soft art style. If you relish the strategy genre without excessive mental strain, this game is a must-try.

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[New Content] 1. Artifact & Dimensional Rift: (Unlocks at Chpater 13) 2. Guild Event: Hunt the Guild Mimic through co-op with Guild Members and obtain Ranking Rewards. (Starts at 12/29) 3. New Year Bingo Event (Starts at 12/30)

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