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B612, with its myriad photo and video editing features, lives up to its name by offering users an extensive …

B612, with its myriad photo and video editing features, lives up to its name by offering users an extensive array of effects, filters, and Smart Camera features powered by AR technology. Elevate your photos into vibrant, shimmering works of art with this app.

Introduce B612:

Craft Unique and Sparkling Photos!

Unveiling B612:

B612 emerges as a versatile photo and video editing app, designed to enhance user experience with its user-friendly interface. Let’s delve into the standout features that make this app exceptional.


Distinguishing itself from other photo editing apps, B612 empowers users to craft personalized filters by blending basic and advanced filters. Unlike conventional apps that limit users to applying a single filter per image, B612 breaks the mold in two crucial ways.

The app presents a diverse array of pre-built filters curated by renowned photographers. Users can apply these filters individually or layer them with random variations, adding a unique touch to each photo.

Alternatively, users can leverage existing templates to superimpose filters, creating a novel filter that can be saved for batch editing later. These custom filters find a home in the app’s dedicated Custom Filter section, facilitating easy sharing with friends within the B612 community.

Joining the B612 user community opens up a world of creativity, enabling users to explore, enjoy, and download a plethora of unique filters crafted by others. This community-driven approach positions B612 as an ever-evolving photo editing app, continually expanding its repertoire of personalized filters.

Smart Camera:

B612 extends its influence to enhance the default camera on your device, infusing it with intelligence. By applying real-time beautification and filters from the outset, B612 transforms your mobile into a powerful camera capable of capturing every moment with uniqueness and enhanced beauty.

Equipped with a suite of smart tools, B612 elevates the capabilities of device cameras, ensuring high-resolution, sharp, and low-shake photos, even in low-light conditions. Users can choose from an array of built-in effects and filters to apply to the camera before capturing a photo, saving time on post-editing.

Don’t miss out on daily perks with B612, offering updated AR effects and exclusive seasonal filters. This constant enrichment ensures a diverse collection of camera effects, providing fresh nuances before and after taking a photo.

Included Photo Editing Tools:

Beyond filters, B612 boasts various effects, ranging from classic to modern and romantic to bold, allowing users to create diverse atmospheres for their photos.

For users seeking more distinct color adjustments, the Advanced Color Correction suite offers precise tools for color adjustment through curves, in-tone separation, or HSL, bringing out intricate details in the image.

Sticker and Text collections in B612 add vibrancy to photos. With a dash of creativity, users can create unique focal points in their pictures using stickers and fonts. Just like filters, these details can be seamlessly integrated to craft a perfect set of stickers.

Smart Makeup:

B612 supports in-depth facial editing and interventions in facial details. The Smart Beauty feature enhances facial features, maintaining a natural brightness and harmony. Users can leverage the AR Makeup kit to apply various makeup styles, from everyday to trendy, with manual adjustments or automatic application based on the app’s intelligent recognition.

Create GIFs and Edit Videos:

B612 facilitates the recording of amusing moments with the Gif Bounce feature. This feature merges multiple still images into a small, animated movie in Gif format, which can be saved on the device or in the cloud for sharing.

The app also offers a suite of features for video recording and post-production editing. Users can shoot, edit, and dub music with over 500 available tracks. In case the built-in music does not suffice, users can extract audio from a favorite video, with B612 supporting this extraction feature for quick access to desired sounds.

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While the video editing features in B612 may not match the potency of its image editing capabilities, it remains an optimal choice for those seeking a comprehensive app that seamlessly integrates numerous tools for both photo and video editing. Explore B612 for a modern twist on creative editing!

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[Hair color] Correction > Hair Color feature has been added! Discover even more colors like ash and ombre. In addition to color, you can also correct your hair texture.[Body Correction] 4 new body corrections (Neck muscle, Square shoulders, Chest, Arms (thinner)) added! Try even more body corrections right now![Layout] Combine multiple photos and create a collage.

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