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The Sims Mobile seamlessly brings the iconic world of The Sims from other platforms to your mobile device, offering …

The Sims Mobile seamlessly brings the iconic world of The Sims from other platforms to your mobile device, offering a more comprehensive and enriched experience than previous free versions in terms of characters, activities, and features. Immerse yourself in this colorful and expansive virtual world for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Introduction to The Sims Mobile

Create your Sims, define their unique personalities, and customize their world in The Sims Mobile!

What is The Sims Mobile?

The Sims Mobile is a simulation game that mirrors the lives and activities of virtual characters in the bustling city of SimCity. Originating from the widely acclaimed SimCity on PC, the game has now made its mark on the mobile platform.

As a sequel to SimCity, The Sims Mobile preserves the appealing features of the original while introducing exciting new content and a distinctive story mode, setting it apart as one of the premier simulation games on mobile today.


Embark on The Sims Mobile with the freedom to craft your ideal character by choosing from various options such as face, eyes, cheekbones, lips, head, hair, and attire. Tailor an image that closely resembles you, setting the stage for a comfortable start. Your character is endowed with a set of 10 intriguing abilities, offering you boundless exploration in the virtual world.

The primary objective in The Sims Mobile is to enjoy life to the fullest—establish relationships, make friends, work, entertain, study, and more. Whether you opt for a career, pursue education, or become a culinary whiz, ensure a harmonious balance between hard work and leisure to expand your social connections. Accumulate savings, construct a house, furnish it, and relish a joyful life in the virtual realm.

The Sims Mobile captivates players, compelling them to spend hours on their mobiles and tablets. With limitless freedom, you oversee every aspect of your character’s life, indulging in the myriad offerings within the expansive virtual world. From living an ordinary life to forging unique and desirable relationships, every situation is within your grasp.

The more actively you engage in the game, the greater the rewards and the stronger the sense of belonging.

Integration, Precision, and Patience are Key

The Sims Mobile stands out as a game where many individuals coalesce into a vast SIM community. Each person is a distinct entity with a unique appearance and personality, akin to real life. Engage in communication, choose friends freely, stay connected, and build relationships, fostering an authentic society within the virtual world.

All activities in The Sims Mobile demand meticulous attention and patience. The game requires you to immerse yourself in your character’s role, living authentically. Details matter; not only does your character’s mood influence the game, but the relationships in the vicinity are also shaped by your in-game activities.

Graphics and Sound

While The Sims Mobile exhibits a slight stiffness compared to its original PC version, it excels in its home building and decoration feature. The gameplay, coupled with an extensive array of items to choose from, stands out for its vibrant, fresh, and inviting graphics. The anticipation of decorating a house is enough to excite players.

The sound in The Sims Mobile complements the vivid graphics, delivering detailed audio for every activity, be it working, partying, going to the movies, or dating. The sound design elevates the gaming experience, surpassing many other role-playing games.

MOD APK Version of The Sims Mobile

Unlock unlimited money with the MOD version.

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

How to Get Money? You receive a substantial amount of money after completing the tutorial and purchasing furniture.

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Join a global community of players and relish the joy of crafting your life in a world teeming with energy. If you have a penchant for simulation games and seek endless hours of engaging gameplay, waste no time and download The Sims Mobile now.

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Last updated on Dec 6, 2023

Sul sul!The holiday season is here and we're here to make it as happy, hearty, and wholesome as possible.- With the Winter Solace Bakeoff and 2 themed Bonanza's, your Sims are sure to have a whole bunch of amazing new items sprinkled with some magical holiday cheer.- We also have a slew of beloved returning features like the Hearty Holidays festival pass, Cozy Homerun Bakeoff, Nautical New Year Treasure hunt, and much more.

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