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Embark on a thrilling journey as a Summoner in Summoners War, engaging in an epic battle for territory, resources, …

Embark on a thrilling journey as a Summoner in Summoners War, engaging in an epic battle for territory, resources, and glory alongside millions of fellow Summoners worldwide. Brace yourself for an exhilarating large-scale conflict!

Introduction to Summoners War

War Among Esteemed Summoners!


Summoners War unfolds in a vast fantasy realm teeming with renowned Summoners who diligently hone their summoning prowess, anticipating the moment to enter the Sky Arena battlefield. The grand objective is clear: Summoners vie for control of a crucial resource—the precious Mana crystals.

Each Summoner invests considerable time and effort summoning a diverse array of monsters, assembling an unstoppable team of creatures to fight by their side. Victory goes to the Summoner who skillfully deploys the most adept monsters with formidable summoning abilities.

With over 1000 different monster types categorized into five main elements—Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark—Summoners War promises an array of summoning scenarios, allowing for the creation of unprecedented monster teams. The Sky Arena stands as a battleground exclusively for the mightiest contenders.

Battle Scenes in Summoner War

The Sky Arena isn’t a place where Summoners engage in direct combat. Rather, they act as commanders, calling forth, summoning, training, and directing their monster cohorts to execute actions directly. The game showcases thrilling spectacles with myriad super skills demonstrated by the most extraordinary monsters worldwide.

During battles, players can choose from 21 different Runes to continually enhance their monster team’s abilities, requiring strategic thinking and a seasoned approach to secure victory in prolonged battles.

Side Activities

As a distinguished Summoner, in addition to the intense battles, you have personal space to unwind. Use your leisure time to beautify your village, explore and collect rare items, or invest precious hours training each monster on your team. These serene side activities provide a balance, making Summoners War both fiercely competitive and surprisingly relaxing.

Active Raiding Instead of Passive Waiting

Summoners War goes beyond individual battles by enabling players to form real-time teams with three other players. This collaborative effort results in a powerful alliance of Summoners, harnessing the synergy of three individuals with formidable monsters.

This feature not only offers ample opportunities to defeat Summoners of similar levels but also allows progress to take down higher-level Summoners with supremely powerful monster bosses. However, success depends on teamwork and patience in executing comprehensive collective campaigns.

Craft Items

In addition to summoning and training monsters for battle, Summoners can craft items at the in-game Craft Building. The crafting options are extensive, comprising over 100 items, ranging from high-class Runes to Statues of Gods and Special Constructions. Summoners War’s unique crafting system grants complete freedom to create and strategically place crafted items on the battlefield.

Guild Arena Participation

Summoners War extends beyond individual and team battles to introduce a Guild PVP game mode. In the Isle of Conquest, players join a global Guild, embarking on labyrinth explorations and combating dark ancient forces. Overcoming rival guilds positions your team as the dominant force in this fantasy world.

Notes for MOD v1:
– Do not use monsters with skills whose damage depends on speed.
– Everything is shared, it is best to use monsters with AOE damage as leaders.
– In Arena you may loose

Notes for MOD v2:
– Arena needs a tip! (in video)
– Faimon Boss is protected, you must wait 4 minutes to defeat him or use a friend monster!
– Choose one teammate for an instant win.
– Choose a full team for 1vs1 battles, you get the first turn. one attack
– If you choose 1vs1, all selected teammates still gain EXP.
– See at the end how to make time real.

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Summoners War beckons with numerous engaging activities and fierce battlefields, inviting you to step into the role of an exceptional Summoner and lead your legendary monsters to glory. The time has come to unleash your summoning prowess!


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