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The Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review: A classic yet new RO experience

By Gaxua

January 13, 2024

Ragnarok X: Hyper Return is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG officially licensed by Gravity Co. (South Korea) and published by Nuverse The game will launch in nine countries in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and more.

In April, Nuverse conducted its first localized Closed Beta Test (CBT) in the region. However, Since it’s a limited event, only 30,000 players will be able to participate in the CBT. Luckily, we had the chance to see a first look and participate in the closed beta testing.

Original RO story

The return of Ragnarok and the original environment

In Ragnarok X: Hyper Return , the gods, Normans, and demons are at war. and the destruction of Rune-Midgarts All at stake, the three entities enter into battle to avoid total destruction after a thousand years. Normans (people Midgards eventually forget their memories of the past and the balance of peace begins to crumble. Peaceful beings become aggressive. And a violent earthquake has torn the continent apart. The legend of Ymir who has protected peace begins to spread among adventurers. You are tasked with gathering the pieces of Ymir’s heart to bring peace back to the world of Midgard.

Character class

During Closed Beta, the game will preserve the classic experience while offering an entirely new experience filled with content, mechanics, and awesome cinematic cutscenes. As you create your character, there will be 6 original classes. In the game; swordsman, merchant, priest, archer, thief, and mage.

It features the original class tree where players can further expand their abilities and skills through up to three stages of progression. As for the new ones, Swordsman is designed for close-quarters combat, Mage for massive damage. Area, Archer for high ranged damage, Thief for melee and evasion, Acolyte for healing, and Merchant is a jack of all trades. Each of these classes uses a different type of weapon, and the stat points you assign to them have a huge influence on the type of character role you want to play (TANK, DPS, instant damage, etc.). you You’ll see a preview of each class, including their skills, abilities, and class definitions. You’ll also get to try them out firsthand in the demo arena so you can make a better decision before choosing your final class.

As usual, we chose our favorite swordsman as our main character because we’ve loved this class since day one. Ragnarok Creating your first character feels like a passport to the world of Midgards, with a stamp registration that launches you into the game.

MVP and mini monsters

When you join the game You’ll face classic monsters with improved aesthetics, such as Poring, Fabre, Lunatic, and more. You’ll still be able to find some in their original locations. And some will move to other places. Defeating monsters gives good EXP, even stealing other players’ kills. Each monster has lootable cards that you can use to enhance your equipment or sell them for Trade Most MVP and Mini monsters can still be hunted on the map. But some can attack independently using the Instance Dungeon using a party.

During the first 30 minutes of gameplay You will feel a nostalgic RO experience. With Poring’s mesmerizing voice jumping out loud and the classic soundtrack, it recreates the vast world of Ragnarok with great improvements and twists on mobile games.

playing games

Taking on missions from NPCs is very lively. Because every character is fully animated and created with an artistic style. chibi playing all the quests in the main story and side story is more fulfilling without any dull moments when you reach the cutscenes in every main story. For the first time, you’ll see your RO characters and monsters come to life in cinematic scenes narrating the story behind the mission.

Players will also have access to a route search function. which automatically finds the exact location of a given mission. Some veteran PC players may disagree and have doubts about this kind of feature, but it’s actually useful, especially when it comes to your daily grind. No need to search for the exact NPC for that mission 10 times. Think about it – it’s like a built-in extension.

New auto-battle system for AFK players (away from the keyboard) The new built-in AFK settings on the Rox will allow players to customize their grinding/farming experience, including the option to target monsters. The player will move around a certain distance, such as nearby areas, on the screen, or the entire map. There is also an option to return to the original position after a certain amount of time. Other skill settings Making your farming more efficient, all new automatic combat prevents AFK players from targeting the same targets over and over. This would eventually build them into an offensive centipede formation that would often disadvantage weaker players.

5 Classic Cities of Midgards

When you level up You will have the opportunity to further explore the map. The five major cities of the Midgards are; Prontera, Izlud, Alberta, Payon, and Geffen. Each of these cities has special characteristics that depend on its class or level. Prontera drama It is the center of activity. If you are an experienced player You will know where to respawn when killed during


Mount PecoPeco It’s not just knights who will get this cute mount in the beginning. It’s available to everyone and will be a reward for all players in newbie missions. You’ll be able to ride this cute Big Poring and let you customize it. You can customize its color and add some accessories to it.

Additionally, other vehicles can be unlocked from missions or directly from the vehicle manager.

Classic farming and new strengths

In Ragnarok X: Next Generation you can crush endless monsters. As much as you want to earn EXP and rewards, in fact during CBT we received multiple cards while crushing monsters 24/7.

However, there is Odin’s Blessing that can increase your grind efficiency which can increase your luck to 5 and the amount of EXP you can get. The catch is that Odin Blessing is not unlimited, as it is a form of stamina-like system. which you have to collect every day

As for Stamina, it is used for RO life skills which are based on Odin Blessing Stamina. Used for doing housework such as cooking, fishing, etc. The interesting thing is You will only gain strength if you use Odin Blessing by defeating monsters in the forest.

With the new stamina system in RoX, players can play the game even if their account is depleted. It will also bridge the gap between players who still don’t believe in the stamina system and players who embrace it. It’s from most MMORPG mobile games.


Ultimately, Ragnarok X: Next Generation definitely maintains the core of the original RO game while bringing you a new experience. You still get excited when you hear the sound of the promotion, bringing good memories. From the past, all ’90s kids can take part, with cinematic cutscenes added to every main mission. The game presents the story of Rune-Midgarts efficiently Making it interesting to play and not thinking about hitting that skip button, the new stamina system that still lets you farm 24/7 is one of the classic rewards. We definitely recommend you to try this game.

Are you ready to experience the brand new Ragnarok X: Next Generation in the next few days? If you haven’t pre-registered yet, This is a good time to register. Because there are many prizes and prizes in the game for you! See you in Midgard mga ka gaming!

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