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Wink specializes in facilitating the handling of portrait videos, boasting intelligent AI functions and a collection of convenient video …

Wink specializes in facilitating the handling of portrait videos, boasting intelligent AI functions and a collection of convenient video templates. With just a single touch, you can effortlessly achieve the desired finished product.

Introducing Wink

Put AI in editing and creating videos right on mobile!

What is Wink?

Wink is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify the creation, editing, and enhancement of images within videos through easy touchscreen commands. Similar to the familiar AI image enhancement apps, Wink extends the capabilities of AI to video editing, concentrating on refining subject images and colors for the smoothest and most appealing results. Ensure your face and physique sparkle and remain beautiful in every video.

Wink stands out with its diverse array of video templates. By selecting a template either before or after recording, your video will automatically incorporate the template’s effects, lighting, filters, and transitions, eliminating the need for meticulous manual adjustments from scratch. Wink offers a hassle-free approach, providing an instantly satisfying edited video.

With these groundbreaking capabilities, Wink emerges as a new-generation video processing application, benefitting from enthusiastic AI support.

Beautify Yourself in Videos – More Essential Than You Think

Maintaining beauty throughout is crucial. Wink elevates your video appearance beyond mere effects and filters, ensuring a flawless figure, charisma, and facial features in short videos. AI technology in Wink enables deeper intervention with subjects appearing on the scene.

Wink offers a range of smart tools to enhance your appearance in videos:

  • Facial Features: Employs powerful shaping technology to refine facial details, ensuring an ideal portrait face in every frame. Wink can also slim the face manually or through the auto feature for a lovely, smaller face in the video.
  • Skin Color Adjustment: Easily adjust skin brightness and darkness with a single click using the Skin feature, adapting to different situations and fashion styles.
  • Makeup Effects: Provides a variety of AI makeup tools for quick application of trendy makeup styles, allowing you to achieve the desired makeup shade effortlessly after filming.

AI Video Editing with Advanced Yet User-Friendly Features

Wink utilizes AI for in-depth intervention in the beautiful image of subjects in videos. Beyond AI enhancements, Wink incorporates powerful yet easy-to-use video editing tools for users to customize and post-process their videos directly on mobile devices.

Key features include:

  • Basic Editing Tools: Simple set of video processing tools including cut, paste, copy, and mirroring to streamline video editing.
  • Adjustment Tools: Dive into adjusting speed, sound, and opacity of animations within the video.
  • Anti-Shake Feature: Stabilize shots to achieve clearer, less jittery, and blur-free videos, enhancing overall video quality.
  • Video Effects: A diverse array of effects to add new colors, nuances, and styles to videos, naturally and moderately applied through AI.
  • Automatic Subtitles: AI-driven subtitles that automatically choose font, size, and display location based on the current video style, offering unexpected aesthetic advantages.

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Experience the unique capabilities of artificial intelligence in video editing with Wink. Unleash surprises as you create beautifully enhanced videos inside and out.

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1.[Fill light] Solve the issue of dark and dull images, intelligently/smartly enhance brightness! 2.[Portrait Management] Supports manual adjustment for more precise recognition!

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