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Everyone desires to radiate beauty on social networks, right? Regardless of others' opinions, the right to be beautiful is …

Everyone desires to radiate beauty on social networks, right? Regardless of others’ opinions, the right to be beautiful is yours, whether achieved through makeup or editing apps. As long as you present the most beautiful version of yourself, confidence naturally follows. Recognizing this, today APKDOWN.IO presents a distinctive photo editing application tailored for those seeking enhancement – Perfect Me!


Introducing Perfect Me

Perfect Me, introduced in 2017 by ryzenrise, made waves in the online community due to its exceptional features. Back then, there were few apps adept at beautifying faces and adjusting body shapes like Perfect Me. Despite the emergence of more advanced editing tools, Perfect Me remains competitive, continually evolving through numerous updates. Presently, the application utilizes AI technology for photo adjustments, aligning with the contemporary trend.

Facial Beautification Made Simple

Perfect Me provides comprehensive face shape adjustments. Resize your forehead, nose, mouth, and chin to attain proportions that align with your vision of beauty. This tool empowers you to wield absolute control over your facial appearance in photos. Forget the constraints of the so-called “golden ratio”; you simply tweak until satisfaction reigns!

Moreover, customize brightness and shading on your face to accentuate distinct angular features. For instance, a subtle shadow on your nose bridge can highlight its elevation. With adept photo editing, you can impart a more chiseled appearance to your face.

Skin Color Customization

In the pursuit of overall body beauty, skin complexion stands as a vital factor. Skin color customization allows adjustments to pigments such as pink and orange, as well as luminance. This aids in restoring skin tone without compromising its naturalness. Whether aiming for radiant fair skin or a robust tan, Perfect Me caters to your preferences.

Additionally, for unwanted red or blue undertones, Perfect Me enables detailed adjustments. A few simple steps will banish undesirable hues, returning your skin to an even and appealing color.

Body Editing

Having discussed achieving beautiful skin, let’s delve into achieving an appealing physique! Perfect Me facilitates easy adjustments to every body part – from slimming your waist and elongating your legs to refining your chin and nose. Attaining an authentically slim, S-shaped body or “height hacking” from 1.6m to a lofty 1.8m is a breeze.

This feature extends to accentuating body details by adjusting shading. Proud of a specific body part? Enhance it with effects! For instance, sharpen abdominal muscles or define abdominal grooves with the recommended effects from Perfect Me.

Unique AI Photos:

In addition to professional editing tools, Perfect Me has embraced the trend of AI-style photo and video creation. Simply upload a portrait photo, choose a cartoon style, and let the application automatically redraw your photo in that style. This feature resonates with users, adding an extra layer of interest to your photos.


MOD APK version of Perfect Me

Perfect Me MOD APK version has unlocked all VIP lifetime features for you. You can use the following VIP features for free:

  • Auto Beauty
  • 40 VIP makeup filters
  • Reshape
  • Body Editor
  • Ultra HD quality
  • Edit faces and bodies in videos

MOD Feature

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Through numerous updates, big and small, Perfect Me evolves to cater to global beauty needs. If you aspire to capture beautiful selfies and confidently showcase yourself on social networks, let Perfect Me be your beauty companion today!

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-Added "AI" in the edit page. Get AI features directly on the edit page! -Added AI Selfie. Explore different styles. -Optimized the Matte and Plump features. -Brought more Xmas and New Year materials! -Bug fixes and performance improvements

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