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Engage in fierce battles and rise as the supreme leader of the gang, steering your empire to conquer all …

Engage in fierce battles and rise as the supreme leader of the gang, steering your empire to conquer all adversaries and seize control of the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This is the thrilling adventure that awaits you in Gangstar Vegas – a captivating, immersive, and action-packed game.

Introduction to Gangstar Vegas:

Unleash Chaos in the City of Vice!

Gangstar Vegas, crafted by the gaming behemoth Gameloft, renowned for producing first-person shooters and racing games, seamlessly blends elements of shooting and racing into a compelling open-world experience akin to Grand Theft Auto. Since its inception, Gangstar Vegas has captivated a vast audience, amassing over 100 million downloads on Google Play, a testament to its immense popularity.


Become the Underworld Tycoon!

In Gangstar Vegas, assume the role of a formidable gangster, the reigning kingpin of a notorious gang in the sprawling city of Las Vegas, USA. As the boss, you face constant threats from those seeking to topple you and assume leadership or dismantle your gang. Your mission is clear: annihilate your enemies and establish dominance over the city. Neutralize all who aim to eliminate you while overcoming rival gangs.

Embark on a free-roaming journey, engaging in battles to become the underworld tycoon. Gangstar Vegas arms you with a diverse arsenal of weapons to obliterate adversaries in your vicinity. Act swiftly to thwart imminent threats.

Explore the city, engaging in shootouts and street warfare. Cruise around the city in supercars, navigating the criminal underworld like a true icon. Confront hostile forces, making them pay the price for challenging the city’s reigning monarch. This is the chaotic underworld you’re stepping into when you enter Gangstar Vegas.

Age of Gangs: Survival in a Chaotic Las Vegas!

Gangstar Vegas unfolds in the city of Las Vegas, where chaos reigns supreme and order is a distant memory. Blood-filled car races and fierce gang clashes dominate the streets, leaving the police seemingly powerless. To avoid being left behind or meeting an untimely demise, fight relentlessly to become the strongest force.

Dismantle those who seek to harm you and construct your empire. Engage in races, thefts, and bombings, daily rituals that pave the way for building your authority. Embrace the dangerous pursuit with a gun in hand, shooting down opponents before they pose a threat. In this game, the mantra “Tolerance to your opponent is to be cruel to yourself” rings true.

Gangstar Vegas presents an array of tasks on your journey to becoming a boss, comprising over 80 rich and challenging missions for players to conquer.

Explore the Vast City:

Conquer Every Corner of Las Vegas!

Gangstar Vegas features an expansive landscape, meticulously replicating the entire map of Las Vegas. Every nook and cranny, from skyscrapers to hidden corners, is faithfully reproduced. Yet, this isn’t a place for leisurely sightseeing; at every turn, opponents await. Fight with all your might and stay focused on your goal to avoid becoming the one lying defeated.

Weapons and Gears:

Armory of Destruction!

Gangstar Vegas equips players with an extensive arsenal featuring every weapon imaginable, from pistols, rifles, and SMGs to swords. Unique weapons like petrol bombs, flamethrowers, armored vehicles, and warplanes elevate the game, promising an eye-catching spectacle in the skies of Gangstar Vegas.

Graphics and Sound:

Immersive Visuals and Dynamic Soundscapes!

The game’s substantial size is a testament to the high-caliber graphics designed for mobile gaming. The visually stunning design showcases the developer’s dedication to capturing players’ attention, even in the smallest details. Innovative and unique effects enhance realism and excitement in each battle scene, complemented by a top-notch sound system featuring EDM and dance music from world-renowned artists.

MOD APK version of Gangstar Vegas:

Rule the City with Unlimited Wealth!

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP 10


  • Refer to the installation instructions in the article to prevent bans and errors.
  • Avoid opening the game immediately after installation to prevent bans.
  • If banned, uninstall and reinstall the game.

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Gangstar Vegas is an addictive and thrilling action game with many exciting activities you can do in the game. Download Gangstar Vegas now to experience the feeling of becoming a real gangster!

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Last updated on Dec 11, 2023

Get ready for an epic holiday celebration update!• New Krampus Rises Battle Pass for Christmas, featuring exciting new items like the G.O.A.T., Unholy Handgun, Thistle Shooter, and flashy Holiday Hellwagon.• We’ve also fixed bugs and enhanced performance for a smoother gaming experience.Dive into the thrill of the season with Gangstar Vegas!

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