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Airship Knights is a high-paced AFK fighting game featuring a captivating blend of magic, airships, and an ensemble of …

Airship Knights is a high-paced AFK fighting game featuring a captivating blend of magic, airships, and an ensemble of attractive waifu characters.


Introduction to Airship Knights

Embark on magical battles with enchanting waifu characters!


As the foremost Airship captain hailing from Cloud Island, your mission is to lead a squadron of female warriors in dynamic battles within vibrant hot air balloons.

Airship Knights adopts the popular AFK gameplay, seamlessly intertwining adventure and character combat using magic on fast-paced battlefields. Each match unfolds within a mere 10 seconds, urging players to utilize all resources to overcome monsters, amass loot, and accomplish missions in the brief timeframe.

While demanding in terms of time, Airship Knights compensates with an Idle Combat feature. Prepare your warrior with optimal equipment, then witness the automated prowess of the female combatants on the battlefield. After investing time in tactics and preparation, sit back and marvel at the alluringly powerful magical combat style of the heroines.

Apart from automatic combat, female warriors evolve and upgrade automatically based on their achievements in battles, growing stronger after each encounter with the enemy.

Upgrade Your Airship

Victory requires harnessing two sources of power – the strength of the warriors and the might of the airship. Airships, powered by magic and constructed with cutting-edge technology, are fully upgradeable, gradually becoming invincible. Attaining high achievements in combat unlocks new engines, elevating attack and defense capabilities. Strengthening the airship with these engines ensures rapid enhancement of its combat prowess.

Managing the airship poses its own challenges. Comprising six main cabins, including the Control Room, Engine Room, and Research Room, proper oversight of these compartments grants full control over the ship.

Diverse Waifu Warriors

While possessing a formidable airship is crucial, the true essence of warfare lies in the warriors.

Airship Knights introduces over 40 heroines, each endowed with robust abilities. Tailor your group of heroes based on preferences and battle tactics. These combat-ready female waifus wield magic, featuring distinct attributes and battlefield positions.

Warriors obediently follow commands, executing outlined strategies, automatically engaging in battles, and autonomously evolving. Alternatively, players can actively shape the development path of each character in terms of Leveling, Awakening Factor, and Equipment. Proactive choices in growth facilitate the establishment of effective strategies. On the contrary, relying on the system’s random selections may not be ideal for testing various strategies.

Explore the Vast Map

Playing Airship Knights involves participating in 1:1 PVP arenas, showcasing the mightiest warriors in your team. The game also serves as a platform for traversing diverse regions of the world map aboard an airship.

Explore Elemental Island, where intense battles unfold with the White Tiger, Black Turtle, Blue Dragon, and Red Bird. Venture into the Soul Dungeon, brimming with dungeon challenges and opportunities to advance to the Knights Templar. Conquer the Sky Tower, facing monstrous towers and unraveling ancient secrets. Visit the Temple for promotional battles with fellow captains, overcoming the goddess’s tests.

Each locale presents a series of new missions, featuring distinct storylines, battlefields, and combat methods. This diversity in the map and gameplay enhances the game’s overall appeal.

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Airship Knights stands as an AFK combat RPG, inviting players to engage with captivating waifu heroines, strategize, and partake in various quest arenas. If you seek a fast-paced action game that strikes a balance without overwhelming difficulty, Airship Knights is a must-try.

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