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Are you fed up with the incessant annoyance of spam reminders and advertising calls disrupting your work? Despite your …

Are you fed up with the incessant annoyance of spam reminders and advertising calls disrupting your work? Despite your attempts to reject them, these bothersome calls persist, making you contemplate extreme measures like removing your SIM card. Stay composed, for there is a solution you may not have considered! Take control by downloading the ACR Phone app to your device, and bid farewell to the nuisance of spam calls and messages.

Introducing ACR Phone
ACR Phone stands as a distinctive and invaluable application poised to replace your default dialer. Not only does it safeguard your personal information, but it also serves as a powerful ally in blocking unwanted calls and messages that disrupt the tranquility of your phone usage. In the face of the incessant hassle and security risks posed by unwanted communications, ACR Phone emerges as the ultimate and trustworthy solution.


1. Block Spam Calls
ACR Phone establishes a robust security system to thwart spam calls that intrude on your daily life. It effectively eliminates unwanted calls from unknown or recognized bothersome sources. You have the freedom to configure a personalized block list, effortlessly adding or removing numbers at your discretion. ACR Phone even offers the option to automatically block calls identified as high-risk spam.

2. Block Unwanted Messages
The plague of frequent advertising or harassing messages is met head-on by ACR Phone’s message blocking feature. Tackle and prevent spam messages from unwelcome sources by customizing settings to block messages from specific numbers, certain keywords, or even unknown sources. Keep your inbox pristine, free from the onslaught of unwarranted information.

3. New Stylish Dialer
ACR Phone enhances your calling experience by replacing the default dialer with a stylish upgrade. When dialing, the ACR Phone dialer provides comprehensive information about contacts, including images, names, and related details. This ensures a swift and accurate identification of the caller before initiating the call. The dialer’s unique interface allows customization with dark or light themes, injecting a touch of personalization.

4. Quick Call
Experience convenience with ACR Phone’s Quick Call, also known as Auto Dialer. This handy tool lets you call frequently contacted individuals without entering their phone number manually. Save important contacts, create shortcuts, and make calls effortlessly with quick search capabilities in your contacts list.

5. Privacy
Prioritizing user privacy, ACR Phone assures that personal information remains protected. The application commits to not share user data with third parties without explicit consent. All aspects, from call lists and contacts to messages and conversation content, are encrypted, ensuring that only the user has access to this sensitive information.

MOD APK Version of ACR Phone
Unlock advanced features with the MOD version, granting you Pro access and elevating your control over the app.

Download ACR Phone MOD APK for Android
Bid farewell to the troubles associated with spam phone numbers as ACR Phone empowers you to proactively prevent them. With its array of effective features enhancing the calling experience, ACR Phone is set to become even more popular in 2024. Take charge of your phone communications with ACR Phone!

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Last updated on Jan 14, 2024

This version includes improvements and bug fixes.Call recordings will be silent on Android 10+. SIP Calls and Android 7/8/9 are not affected You can email us at [email protected] or visit for more info

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