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War Machines APK MOD ( Hack Radar) v6.7.1


6.7.1April 06, 2022 (2 months ago)

Have you ever driven a battle tank on a battlefield full of heavy steel war machines? If not, experience War Machines MOD APK, a tank game from Fun Game For Free Publishing.


App Name War Machines
Offers Free
Version 6.7.1
Developer Fun Games For Free
Category Action ,
ID Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4
MOD Features Hack Radar

Introduction to War Machines

Is there a game genre that combines realistic combat and heavy tank driving? Yes, tank fighting games are that kind of thing. It has both driving elements and tactical combat. Participation in the Great War on the most powerful tanks What else is equal?

I also had the opportunity to try tank games and was most impressed with War Machines.

Multiplayer Tank Game

War Machines is a short multiplayer tank game. You are a professional tank driver who joins the battlefield of many heavy fighting machines from multiplayer players. The biggest task is to control tanks and defeat enemies from the United States, China and other powers intended to invade your country. Each game screen in War Machines lasts only 3 minutes with clear victories and defeats. Short but amazing. Brings rich experience to a rapid level

The gameplay is quite simple. It takes time to get used to it, and then you will be able to control everything easily. The tank is quite bulky, but the third-person view and control interface are clear (left hand for navigation, right hand for combat function). Make everything very moving and clear. With a third-party view The surrounding area is therefore wider and more spacious. Ideal for observing enemies remotely.

Exciting game modes

The game also has plenty of game modes to choose from: Free for All, Team DeathMatch, Conquest. In solo mode, you’ll need to drive a tank to shoot down enemy tanks one by one. In multiplayer mode You can join any army to fight another army. Each of them has its own interests. I chose to play solo for a while to understand the gameplay. When I’m used to the controls, I play in multiplayer mode, both of which are amazing to me.


Large map

The maps in War Machines are extensive. There is plenty of terrain to conquer in War Machines: Desert Port, Village, Ship Docks, Hill Base, Oil Field… from places that used to be home to many people (such as industrial parks, big cities across Europe) to remote lands. People (e.g. deserts, oil fields…)

You will not only participate in a few wars, but will be taken to different places and do a lot of work. Endless excitement awaits you in front of you. You can see the difference between not only the scenery, but also the area, color, and terrain. In my opinion, Choosing a tank/feature to upgrade the tank to suit the terrain of each scene is also a very good part of the strategy in this game.

War Machines is a favorite of tank enthusiasts for different types of tanks.

The tanks in the game have many tricks and powerful firepower. To get a new tank or upgrade an old one You have to work hard to unlock or decide to upgrade, the more diligent you are, the more likely you are to reach heavy tanks.

No matter what level you’re at and what tank you’re driving, you can customize your tanks with a lot of details, such as patterns, stickers, flags, each tank has its own statistics for armor, attack, shooting, and movement, so each has different advantages and disadvantages, as well as suitability for each type of terrain and different combat strategies.

Simple yet beautiful graphics Sounds good, flawless.

To be honest, fighting games in any form are broken without a good voice. This time in War Machines Fun Game For Free did very well with this part, the sound must be said to be perfect, it was very lively, with the sound of war everywhere and the roar of combat machines like on the real battlefield. Be sure to turn on speakerphone when playing this game will be much greater.

Impact of fire The smoke and movement of tank forces in War Machines made a big impression. I don’t think mobile games truly make series on the battlefield. I’m sure everyone who plays this game will have the same opinion.

MOD APK version of War Machines

MOD Features

Show enemies on the radar

ดาวน์โหลด War Machines MOD APK for Android

In short, If you want to play a nice and beautiful tank shooting game with a variety of hot tanks. Realistic battlefields Large space and easy to handle, you definitely need to go to War Machines. Playing solo or multiplayer mode is equally fun.

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