Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.4.4.1
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Prison Empire Tycoon APK MOD ( Unlimited Money) v2.4.4.1

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A comfortable prison is waiting for you to build in Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money), download this game for free on APKDOWN.


App Name Prison Empire Tycoon
Offers Free
Developer Codigames
Category Simulation ,
ID Google Play
Requirements Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money

Introduction to Prison Empire Tycoon

Prison Empire Tycoon was developed by The Codigames, it has both strategic and manipulative elements, just as the contents of Prison Architect demonstrate.

The game is all about building a private prison, and of course you can turn it into a profitable business. In fact, prisons are dangerous places where criminals are held, little is known about what’s going on in prison because they’re completely separate from the outside world. But this game doesn’t develop content about those bad things, you just have to monitor all the activities in prison and turn it into a business to make money.

Become a prison lord.

Prison Empire Tycoon is an interesting game. Built with an idle gameplay there. You get the opportunity to be head of prison and have a completely new experience compared to what you’ve known before.

You will create and control the activities of prisons, realize your dream of becoming a wealthy millionaire through running a private prison business.

In this game, you’ll have an overview of how the prison system works. Control activities, hours, set rules, and more Besides making money, You have to try to help prisoners reintegrate into society after they run out of custody.

It sounds ridiculous, but prison empire tycoon is really special, different and attractive in that way.

Upgrade your prison.

The same goes for the scenes you see in the movies. Prison, boring stuff. A room with a dirty bed and bathroom, Prison Empire Tycoon has the same beginnings, rebuilding part of real life. You will open a small prison with weak security and many vulnerabilities. But then you can upgrade your prison to increase comfort.

First, you should upgrade or turn an inmate’s old bed into a larger and more comfortable bed. After that, try to improve the sanitary system and clean the cells.

You have to strictly manage prisoners who are taken to prison. As you move to the next level, They’ll be harder to handle. You need to do activities to build a reputation and improve security. Turn this place into a high-end prison, but tight enough to hold the most dangerous prisoners.

In the end, You need to deal with the needs of the prison and make the right decisions to grow your business. As you know, Prisons are complex ecosystems, but once you know that one of the most important factors is facilities, you make more money.

Control your prisoner.

Each prisoner has his own emotions and psychology. It means they have specific needs, fears and other factors. If an inmate feels properly cared for Prisons work better and guide inmates towards reintegration into society. They will be aggressive and attack security guards, that will cause riots, and even some dangerous prisoners will escape. Control your prison with confidence

Prisoner Reform

In addition to management, Your responsibility is to reform the prisoners. Prisoners will want to one day be freed and start a new life. In the process of detention, good detention must be done to help those around you as well as society, and you are the one who will create those opportunities that will make the government and society proud.

Your reputation will grow and your business will grow as well. Above all, you will need staff to take care of all the prisoners. Hire or fire an employee according to your needs. If you don’t handle the prison well, you lose your reputation and money.

You must also be alert for prisoners planning to escape. Dangerous prisoners punishable by life imprisonment will try to find a way to gain freedom back illegally. You have to do everything you can to get them in jail so they don’t hurt people and society.

MOD APK version of Prison Empire Tycoon

MOD Features

Unlimited Money: The MOD version of APKDOWN allows you to quickly build and upgrade your prison. The money increases when you use it.

ดาวน์โหลด Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Prison Empire Tycoon is a simulation game with idle gameplay and high level of entertainment. Are you able to imprison and become an entrepreneur in the prison industry? Download this game via the link below and start your business today.

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