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Updated on May 12, 2022 (2 months ago)

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App Name MU Origin 3
Offers Free
Version 1.1.5
Developer FingerFun Limited
Category RPGs (Role Playing) ,
ID Google Play
Requirements Android
MOD Features No

MU Origin 3 APK is the most refreshing version of the legendary MU Online game, you want to relive the old days, but on a modern background and new interesting stories?

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Introduction to MU Origin 3

Embark on an epic journey full of dangers and challenges and dive into the fantasy world of MU.

Revamped version of MU Online

MU Online is one of the games that deals with the dream moments of millennials. Many of you are still searching for old memories, MU Online has many “fake” versions, but it seems that none of them reached the level of the original game in the past until MU Origin 3 was officially released. This is an updated version of MU Online with a grand and original iteration set and many modern and modern improvements.

MU Origin 3 is also licensed by Webzen, the owner of mu online, back in the day, it is the power behind this that has made the game since its release date a topic that has been mentioned chili to ginger in the gaming forums.


MU Origin 3 revolves around an extraordinary warrior journey. They hold hands on the street for the purpose: salvage the MU kingdom from a handful of dark forces and restore your kingdom to prosperity. You and your team will awaken the demons, fight them to the last breath in exchange for the peace of the kingdom.

game play

Basically, MU Origin 3 is a common mobile MMORPG. Your job is to follow the main mission to revitalize your empire, but it must be emphasized that the PvE and PvP activities in MU Origin 3 are enormous. You are free to climb the rankings and develop characters in different directions.

The gameplay is the same as the original MU Online, there are still 4 basic character classes that are quite familiar. But, of course, newer and more modern. However, MU Origin 3 is different when it comes to a dense but extremely transparent skill system, you always have a way of gaining an advantage over your character through each boost.

MU Origin 3 has three main character classes: Black Knight, Warlock Wizard and Fairy.

  • Dark Knight: Heir to the Kingdom of The Knights of Lorencia He’s a truly strong hero. High endurance Able to protect teammates and teammates well.
  • Warlock Wizards: From arka’s magical kingdom, his special ability is to use magic and magic to attack enemies.
  • Noria: Originally an angel from the Kingdom of Fairies, Noria’s great skill is archery, supporting teammates.

Players can create groups and groups, then earn experience points and collaborate.

The presence of guardian wings.

For the first time, MU Origin 3 has added a new skill for players: flying on the wing.

With wings on your shoulders, no matter what character you enter, you can reach any place or area you want. With each success, you’ll get a new upgrade. If you raise your wings to Level 2, you will immediately have more unique skills: glide, land safely. Later upgrades will focus primarily on acceleration.

The higher the level, the better. The faster the flight, and the look of your character will be equipped with a more colorful spear than before. This is a slight improvement, but it can overwhelm and refresh the whole scene. Instead of suffering in one place every time the environment is chaotic, Now you are free to spread your wings and fight the way you want.

The appearance of martial arts superstar Jet Li

This character alone is enough to win the hearts of fans of dozens of actors since TVB’s fencing in the 80s and 90s to this day. He remains an actor with the greatest collection of movies. Despite being famous in Hollywood and guaranteed professional ethics, for all these reasons, Jet Li’s presence in MU Origin 3 has many people whining.

Admirable aspects in MU Origin 3

Although some people compliment and criticize, others compare it to the original game and other similar versions of the game. But no one can deny that MU Origin 3 has launched a new journey when combining the in-memory series with modern graphics and game-building technology. In MU Origin 3, there are a number of arrays that players love. Which must be mentioned:

  • How to divide guilds and create characters
  • The siege battles and guild commanders are really impressive.
  • The story is deep, wide, and there’s a lot to find out.
  • Clone in a variety of games and events that keep you active.
  • Create familiar characters 3 new classes, with the same shape and weapon, feel friendly to old players and easily acquaint new players.
  • The world is so vast. Embrace mythical species and countless activities to build friends.
  • Mu Origin 3’s PvP battles are very exciting.
  • Seamless Skill Combo Control System No cooldown required.
  • The control interface layout makes sense. Easy to see Easy to control

Eye-catching graphics

All details from context The characters miniature creatures in MU Origin 3 are presented with Unreal Engine 4 technology, many gamers know this most advanced technology, it provides realistic, clear, vivid images, especially flawless combat effects. Play and you will feel like you can’t breathe because the virtual effects are too much for flying beautiful sky in the game.

MU Origin 3 บน APKMODY 1440x665

Creating a hot atmosphere of each character The presence of the whole guild. Endless battles and guild-level battles here. If you leave a short comment, it can only be summed up in the word “excellent”, and you have to play it directly to feel what it is like. Some beauty can’t tell.


Download MU Origin 3 MOD APK for Android

In short, MU Origin 3 is worth playing in terms of back value, gameplay, sound, and graphics . Mu Origin 3 is the ideal choice.

You are now ready to download MU Origin 3 for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details

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