MetroLand APK MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.10.0
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MetroLand APK MOD ( Unlimited Money) v1.10.0


1.10.0April 06, 2022 (2 months ago)

I know there are game types that can make every player, regardless of taste, be able to relax, customize, not get tired and always be full of energy after playing. These are endless running games where you just have to run and run. I just discovered this type of game the other day, which is pretty good, and I would recommend you play it too. That amazing game is the MetroLand MOD APK.


App Name MetroLand
Offers Free
Version 1.10.0
Developer Kiloo
Category arcade ,
ID Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money

Introduction to MetroLand

Endless next generation of runners!

Naughty boy with a road escape.

MetroLand caught my eye with a strong first impression. Smart characters, colorful images, and attractive effects are every second. So after a few minutes of play, So I got caught up in this game.

The same goes for other endless running games. Most of us don’t have a clear storyline, or if there is, it’s quite simple because it only plays the role of describing the frantic escape or the hustle of the main character in the game. MetroLand doesn’t have a storyline yet.

You can get a rough guess about the young man’s identity from the poster, this would be a mischievous, mischievous guy going around the street to cause trouble, and then he was chased by a lot of people. Even the police, so he was forced to run everywhere at full speed on the way. Be sure to collect as many gold coins as possible. Overcome obstacles Collect luck, support and level up to have special abilities.

The streets are crowded with countless obstacles.

The first interesting thing about MetroLand is the context of this endless run. These are busy, busy roads, full of vehicles and sometimes unpredictable obstacles such as cars, footbridges, etc. Buses, tunnels, cranes, traffic signs. Section of road with fenced road to repair… Sometimes our characters are chased by the police or some people pursued . They both ran away and screamed behind them. It causes a very chaotic and funny scene. The only task of our naughty people is to overcome these obstacles without reducing the running speed of the character.

If you fail Hit the barrier, you’ll be caught by a pursuer, you lose and you have to start over from scratch, and every time you start over, For example, you can run down the street, run up to the roof, or go deep into an underground tunnel, so don’t worry about getting bored when you lose. All you need to worry about is paying attention to the characters running down the street.

Our stubborn kids have a lot of skills.

To get away from the chase of people and overcome all obstacles along the way. Our naughty boy has a lot of amazing skills.

generally Our characters can fly and jump to all altitudes and territories as smoothly as Batman. At a higher level. He began to have many unique “skills”, such as flying with butterfly wings, flying several times in the air before landing … he could use the Golden Gloves to smash obstacles. The later you play, the more levels you collect gold coins. Chances are you’ll need to acquire more and more unique skills.

Of course, capturing and promoting the effects of these skills will require you to work harder to manage and take the time to get acquainted with the character’s very fast running speed. But once you get used to it, there are many advantages.

In addition to superhuman tools, Naughty children will also get a lot of power to run, such as increased running power. Acceleration The ability to suck gold coins on the road. The unexpected rewards are somewhere on the road and only last for a short time, but it’s enough for you to take advantage and quickly escalate them to the level.

This new feature has never been seen in endless running games before.

You can create your room. Build fun robots and send them out as missions, win prizes, which means not just running on the streets. You can also enjoy beautiful robots and collect items even when you’re offline. This is the first feature I’ve found in this endless running game. Another reason to try MetroLand once in a while.

If you don’t know, Kiloo is also a publisher of Subway Surfers .

MOD APK version of MetroLand

MOD Features

unlimited money

ดาวน์โหลด MetroLand MOD APK for Android

In short, MetroLand is an amazing game with modern graphics. Fast speed Endless competition with random context Lively soundtrack The character has great skills and has consistently received lucky support along the way. This is a highly entertaining game that anyone can play and have fun with.

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