Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.12.14(Unlimited Money, Unlocked All)
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Johnny Trigger APK MOD ( Unlimited Money, Unlocked All ) v1.12.14


1.12.14April 06, 2022 (2 months ago)

Johnny Trigger MOD APK (Unlimited Money Unlocked All) is a fun RPG shooter from publisher SayGames.


App Name Johnny Trigger
Offers Free
Version 1.12.14
Developer SayGames
Category Racing ,
ID Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked All

Introduction to Johnny Trigger

Recently, I introduced you to a killer role-playing game that many people love. Hunter Assassin . It’s not hard to understand when these killer role-playing games excite players when they defeat enemies in the blink of an eye. above all These are simple games, perfect for moments of relaxation and light entertainment, and to add joy to your downtime so as not to get boring anymore. I’ll introduce you to the game: Johnny Trigger

When you come to Johnny Trigger, you become a killer spy alone to defeat all the bullies. Everything happens and is gunned down, and the poems of the game are as simple and attractive as they are a feature of their own: say less. More bullets!

Rep. Johnny.

In Johnny Trigger, you play the main clown. Johnny, and he’s a nimble assassin. This man seems very careless and brave when he dares to break into the caves of the thugs with the goal of occupying hell. Of course Everyone knows the laws of the Underworld: there is no right or wrong, only the strong and the weak. Only losers are always wrong. Your mission is to help this clumsy spy kill all the notorious terrorists. With the ability to fly agile parkour with his favorite gun, you will have to help him from the first meeting.

game play

The process in the game consists of several levels, from low to high, with increased difficulty. In each stage. Your enemies will appear in different locations. The player’s mission is to quickly defeat the enemy before detecting and shooting you back. It’s quite difficult to have an insurmountable enemy in one bullet. The number of enemies is quite large, and the rate of fire is very fast. So players need techniques to dodge bullets, and especially in the process, every 10 levels you’ll face strong and strong bosses.

Although it is difficult as mentioned above. Your killer character has excellent flying, jumping and parkour capabilities, so you can easily control them to avoid bullets and counterattacks, especially with a slow-motion shooting style. You can clearly see every situation in the fight. This is rare in games that require such high speeds. Funny, but not subtle.

Defeat all enemies

The fight in Johnny Trigger is quite tense and difficult. The method of control and struggle makes it difficult to quickly get used to. The enemy is not the only one, and it is also very difficult to cope with. When there is only one enemy, it is a dangerous boss, especially on some level, in addition to defeating the enemy. You must safely rescue the hostages. Of course, the hostages are set to “protect” the enemy, so you have to do something to keep them from getting hurt. Otherwise, you will lose.

In some cases, some tips will help you win a lot. You will see the gas cylinder in the game screen. Fire those barrels to create bombs that can destroy multiple targets at once and always pay attention to the enemy. If you miss it, they will shoot you immediately. So take the shot correctly. You should learn more about different types of guns, such as pistols or SMG guns, each with different effects depending on the case you should reasonably use.

unlock all

After each step is complete, you unlock a new level. You also won a gold medal. Money is used to buy weapons, which is very important. There are countless machine guns in your store to choose from, such as cheap pistols, single-target damage, or SMG guns that can fire multiple bullets at once and cause significant damage, especially Super Guns, guns with very severe damage. Can take down targets quickly, but it is very expensive. Therefore, it is suitable only for fighting bosses.

In addition to weapons, you can change the look of your character with a variety of costumes. Plenty of clothes according to your chosen style may be “cool” or funny, but no matter what style you choose, step into the enemy’s nest. You’re a cold-blooded assassin!

work Disclosure : You can use the MOD version that unlocks costumes, weapons…


Johnny Trigger is an easy game to play, and of course its graphics are simple too, but simplicity doesn’t mean bad. But not even losing all the bloody scenes. Only things are made easier to bring a little joy to the players.

MOD APK version of Johnny Trigger

MOD Features

  • unlimited money
  • unlock all

ดาวน์โหลด Johnny Trigger MOD APK for Android

In short, Johnny Trigger is a simple and light game. If you want to try entering the underworld or becoming a famous mafia boss. This isn’t a bad choice, and it’s like the game’s motto: say the least and start shooting right away!

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