Jade Dynasty (MOD, Unlimited Money / Gems) v2.56.6 APK

Download Jade Dynasty – Fantasy MMORPG MOD APK 2.56.6 (Unlimited Money/Gems) For Android – Free – Latest Jade Dynasty – Fantasy MMORPG published by 101XP LIMITED (Google Play: com.xp101.jdru). A story about fencing topics. and the style of play is classic But there are many new highlights. Have you played Jade Dynasty? Let’s learn about Jade Dynasty in mobile version.

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Introducing the Jade Dynasty

Legendary fencing game!

It took a lot of time to prepare and produce this game before it was officially released. When you see the first picture of the game You’ll immediately understand why it’s so awesome. There is a long story with many events. complete character lines Graphics using Unity 5 technology for wide viewing angles. perfect shading and great lighting effects

Not to mention a series of exciting points to play in the game.


Jade Dynasty is about the adventures of multiple heroes in a magical fairy tale world. The majestic Yangcheng Capital is where most of the battles take place. It is also home to many parties and races. They were divided into groups that inhabited many small territories, with thousands of secrets buried deep from the past. An unexpected event has brought everyone together. By pulling them all to the Edge of Immortality, the pinnacle of the world where the strongest warriors will meet and fight alongside them.

Covering this world of fencing is the epic PvP battle screens. They are not just between the heroes of each faction. but also between strong and powerful pets and continuous air battles.

If Minecraft brings you to the modern open world. where you can create everything for yourself including the enemy Then the Jade Dynasty adopted a strange theory known as the collision of multiple worlds. Collisions that occur during battle create connections between worlds and inadvertently send players to new locations. This has been the home of the most frightening mythical monsters for thousands of years. and in order to win them Players must create combinations to summon superior spells.

There are not many character classes, but they are clear.

Role-playing elements in the Jade Dynasty in my opinion at a respectable level You can choose and customize one of the character classes: Master Pen, Falun, Divine Power and Swordsman. Each character class has different strengths and advantages. It depends on the objectives and fighting style. You will choose a class that is right for you, in which:

  • Swordsman: The main weapons are knives and swords. This is the strongest class. This class attacks quickly and destroys neatly. and can explode violently when cornered. In a critical situation, we could fight 10 battles. The supreme power lies in the world’s most powerful sword techniques. However, the remaining properties of the Swordsman are quite weak. Especially the low health and long cooldown.
  • Master Pen: The main weapon is the God Pen. This is a character who can control everything and devise attack strategies for the whole team. Master Pen is in good health. Able to withstand the strong attacks of enemies. The special moves of this class are about magic for organizing troops. These battlefields have the effect of a siege. block the opponent and create a powerful barrier for the whole group Another bright point of the master pens is that they always have that wonderful, radiant beauty that women like a lot. The disadvantage is that the combat ability is not high.
  • Falun: The main weapon is a powerful gargoyle. This character can control enemies from a distance and is proficient in dharma. Excellent moves are lightning penetration and high resistance against enemies. The advantage is strong and flexible on the battlefield. but vice versa Falun has less health and needs a longer cooldown.
  • Divine Power: The main weapon is a powerful double attack. This class can unleash powerful moves and punches at an enemy’s weak point. This character is extremely agile and flexible, especially when attacking in multiple directions at once. But the weak point is that the destructive power of the kick is not very high (lower than Swordsman and Falun), it is the only class that can increase multi-directional attributes during the game. It has some special moves. And the weakness of the class is that the characters are not good at magic and defense.

In addition to the above basic classes In the latest update, Jade Dynasty also added 3 new classes:

  • Ice: This character is famous for his cold personality and iron concerns. Iceman lives in the arid regions of the world and his body changes to adapt to the environment. Weapons are sharp shards of ice. The last pose is the ice pose. which caused the opponent to freeze in fear. The advantages are quick attacks without mercy and superior fighting skills. The disadvantage is less protection and less health.
  • Arden: Arden has been hiding in the woods for thousands of years. worship the fox god Those who were unfortunate enough to step into their shelter would be mercilessly attacked with thousands of sharp arrows. Arden is agile, strong and has always been the best archer. Weaknesses are very limited magical abilities and poor melee range.
  • Shadow: The primary weapon is a sealing spell that weakens an opponent. Shadows were not evident on the battlefield. But always lurking somewhere to support and serve as a safe defender for his teammates, Shadow also has a special ability: can see in the dark. detect enemy weaknesses and inform the whole team to make appropriate fights.

Each class in Jade Dynasty is well-organized, profound, and distinctly unique, but Jade Dynasty has many features that deserve a classic MMORPG, such as online multiplayer, epic Pvp battles, arrangements. A complex and complex army group creation Enhancement and upgrade system, special events, and hero’s emotional affinity. A satisfying ending with the marriage of heroes… All create the most epic on mobile today

The monsters that were summoned brought many surprises during the game.

Not only possessing magic, weapons, and special skills. Heroes of different classes also have magical or magical beasts as their loyal allies. You won’t have any beasts in your hands. Until then, you have to use your strength to control them, gradually building a strong bond with them. so that they can follow you and become stronger and stronger in your battle.