Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK v1.063.03 (Unlimited Money)
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Hunter Assassin 2 APK MOD ( Unlimited Money) v1.063.03


1.063.03April 06, 2022 (2 months ago)

Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK from Ruby Game Studio is a super-cool puzzle game. The rules of the game are not much different from the previous ones, but there are many additions, and the number of puzzles is overwhelming.


App Name Hunter Assassin 2
Offers Free
Version 1.063.03
Developer Ruby Game Studio
Category Action ,
ID Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money

Introduction to Hunter Assassin 2

An addictive puzzle game with lots of “weird and delicious baits”!

In the game world, there are quite strange things. Sometimes you hear the name of the game and look at the poster, you might think it’s all type A, but it turns out to be type B or a combination of A and B, just like Hunter Assassin 2: you might think of it as an action shooter, but unexpectedly. Its core is a brain-hacking puzzle, and the combat element is just part of the fun.


You’ll play as a professional assassin, wherever you go, you only have one task (including goals): destroy all enemies in each stage.

How is Hunter Assassin 2 different from the first installment?

The first big difference is that in weapons, in the first part, a killer from start to finish has a single knife on his back, and in Hunter Assassin 2 you have a new set of weapons, mostly guns, from pistols to rifles. Machine guns… so of course the ways to destroy enemies this time will be more diverse as well.

But everything has its price. As you get stronger and more versatile, you’ll need to make sure you’re able Your enemies in Part 2 will also be smarter and more resourceful. This is the second difference.

Thirdly, and most importantly, The flags and skills of the killers have also increased dramatically. For more details, see the Gaming section.

game play

The scene of Hunter Assassin 2 remains a large construction site. There are many wooden crates and many obstacles laid everywhere. You have to find a way through them to reach out and destroy the enemy.

A series of enemies large and small in the context of each level. They will move around for constant patrols, but their visibility is confined to certain areas, depending on the distance the flashlight is at hand. You need to keep moving in silence and do not enter the enemy’s torch line. You need to find the right path to reach as many enemies as possible from the direction they can’t find you, and shoot them in a split second.

The bright spot of Hunter Assassin 2 this time is the ability of an upgraded assassin. No more holding a knife when approaching. You can now use a gun to shoot enemies from a distance, but the cruel thing is that every time you shoot, The emitted sound will warn all enemies and bring them to you more easily. Therefore, in addition to calculating each step, it is recommended not to shoot arbitrarily. The essence of Hunter Assassin 2 is the computational process. Measure steps and take advantage of the surrounding environment to hide and attack in time.

The new version also presents many statistics for assassins. When he thinks of Part 1, he has only one Agility status, but here there are a number of stats to take care of during the battle: Agility, Survival, Attack Power, Level and Fusion.

After each battle, you’ll be rewarded with diamonds, and you choose to add new characters to the store’s rotation. Each killer character has a unique shape and abilities with different weapons, just as some run faster. Some specialize in attacks, others are in good health (can live if shot)… So every time there’s a new character, The feeling will be at the top.

In addition to inherent capabilities and good weapons and integration types for new upgrades, the company also has been able to use the inherent capabilities and integration types for new upgrades. Sometimes killers get gifts as special items. Every time these items appear, they appear. With just one missile, you can defeat enemies in 1/2 of a scale, so don’t miss anything shining on the road.

MOD APK version of Hunter Assassin 2

MOD Features

unlimited money

ดาวน์โหลด Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK for Android

Hunter Assassin 2 is an incredible puzzle game that combines action. Everything is shown in excellently organized 2D graphics with a very good sound system. Making it more exciting, are you ready to take on the challenge of Hunter Assassin 2, full of puzzles and exotic gameplay?

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