Captain Tsubasa ZERO v2.5.2 APK MOD (High Stats, Weak Enemies)
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Captain Tsubasa ZERO APK MOD ( High Stats, Weak Enemies) v2.5.2


2.5.2April 06, 2022 (2 months ago)

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App Name Captain Tsubasa ZERO
Offers Free
Version 2.5.2
Developer GMO GP
Category sport ,
ID Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4
MOD Features High Stats, Weak Enemies

Introducing Captain Tsubasa ZERO

What a great shot! In Captain Tsubasa ZERO, football matches have no cooldown time. Either you are familiar with popular manga or you just know about it. The game brings countless hours of entertainment into exciting football matches.

Captain Tsubasa, also known as “Field of Dreams,” is a popular Japanese anime/manga series. It is not only desired on TV. They are also inspired by mobile game developers as themes for their projects. Previously, we introduced you to Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Now, find Captain Tsubasa ZERO with me via Let’s write this article.

game play

The game gives you the opportunity to become a superstar player Tsubasa Ozora, a genius soccer player with powerful shots like a cannon. During the process of making friends and facing opponents You will turn small teams into champions.

After you enter the field The most important factor is tactics. Players will automatically move, shoot, pass, block and receive the ball. And you’ll manage your team by alternating between defensive, offensive or balanced teams. The gameplay is pretty similar to football management games like Football Manager 2022 .

However, there are differences in how interesting the game is. That’s a miracle shot. Theme of this version of Captain Tsubasa game. You can score fast stars with Miracle Shot, a stunning physics-based shot, including Tsubasa’s Twin Shot when he and his teammates fire a ball at the same time. In that moment, you can interact with the game by choosing players to use this special skill Sure, someone might not be Tsubasa, but that’s not a good idea and this game doesn’t support it.

Sounds hard to believe, right? Of course, since Captain Tsubasa ZERO brings both the look and the spirit of the anime. This soccer simulation game has a fast paced and extremely dynamic rhythm that still has subtle tactical elements as well. Put on your shoes and go to the field!

train your players

Players are the key element in successfully implementing your strategy. If the striker’s skill or speed is not good enough It is difficult to cross the opponent’s defensive line to score a goal. So please improve their statistics.

There are several ways to do this. First, through the training process, one needs training to develop expertise on the job. Choose a training qualification which provides an appropriate training course based on the playing position of FW, MF, DF or GK. This process requires coins, stubazas and related training items. These items can only be obtained by playing against other teams or by packages of items sold for real money in the store.

Second, through evolutionary features Each player has a rating system from one to five stars. Usually, you can recruit new players through cards, however, they are usually only two or three stars. if you want higher The only way is to upgrade them.

Finally, improvements. If a player meets the level and rank requirements He was able to participate in this process to increase his abilities. It has a maximum level of 70, it doesn’t require any resources and you just need to hold down the Enhancement button.

Increase the ability of the card system

The game has more team customization features than you might think. In addition to strategy and players The card system is another feature that you must pay attention to. The power given is calculated according to the power of the skill. The higher this score The higher the performance and stats of the team.

If you want to make your striker’s shooting abilities stronger and more unpredictable, equip the Wild Shot card if you want to improve your goalkeeper’s accuracy and mobility. Focus on developing Skillful Save cards.

There are also two other cards, Support and Material, you can collect and learn by yourself. But don’t forget one thing no matter what type These will directly affect the strategy you use.


Enjoying Captain Tsubasa ZERO is like enjoying anime and manga. The graphics of this game seem to recreate everything about the design. From the characters, the context, the colors, to the movements in the original film.

not only that But the characters are also voiced by Japanese actors. Fans of Captain Tsubasa or other anime are hard to ignore.

MOD APK version of Captain Tsubasa ZERO

MOD Features

  • high stats
  • weak enemy

ดาวน์โหลด Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK for Android

Build your team and dominate the field. The championship trophy is still waiting for someone who can touch it. Under your leadership, Tsubasa and his teammates, is this possible? The answer will not appear until you download this game and experience it!

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