Bistro Heroes APK MOD (One Hit, God Mode) v3.10.0

The God Mode / One Hit feature in Bistro Heroes MOD APK will help you destroy your opponent in a flash. The enemies you face will no longer be scary when you can kill them with a single attack.

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Introduction to Bistro Heroes

Bistro Heroes is a fantasy RPG with exciting RPG elements and exotic storylines. Although it was only the launch of Team Tapas, a newly formed gaming studio, it soon gained fame and made the list of the best games voted for by google play editors. Which trip did Bistro Heroes bring you?


Bistro Heroes is a story about two main characters, Coq au Vin and Ayran, as they leave the bustling capital to set out in search of something new. However, when they decided to stay here to live and grow up with a passion for food. They’re in a lot of trouble, first of all. Monsters in the woods are devastating villages. In addition, they face a shortage of food sources in the preparation of unique foods, how does Coq au Vin and Ayran solve this problem? Follow them on their journey!

game play

The journey for Coq au Vin and Ayran begins at Silent Forest, they start at the helm. Face the goblin mushrooms and fierce boars. However, with the strength of a warrior trained as a child, he is a warrior who has been trained since childhood. They’re more than capable of winning.

Thieves are a rich source of food, possibly mushrooms. Those pork, sometimes. Thieves can be other resources like wood and energy, so you can create space for your restaurant.

But then, with the fluidity of the storyline, new challenges are gradual. More open, you’ll have to explore places deep in the woods. Mysterious caves to the beach with cannibal fish. The nature of the monster has changed a lot. They are not only bigger, stronger, but also diverse.

On the map After you pass the regular levels, it will lead to special levels where the bosses live, although it is difficult to beat them, but the rewards are worth it! Ask for help from other characters, so don’t let Coq au Vin and Ayran take full responsibility for developing that restaurant.


Getting to find food and resources for home is getting harder and harder. Both of the protagonists of this game are difficult to fulfill the desire to develop a restaurant without help. So, Bistro Heroes has added a unique set of talented heroes so you can invite them to join the warrior team.

Limu, Fondue and many more heroes will unlock as you pass through special levels. Each of them has a unique story that tells about the backgrounds, achievements and hardships they overcome to establish who they are today.

In addition, new capabilities and costumes will be unlocked in the future!


The story and battle of Bistro Heroes takes place on beautiful 2D graphics, Team Tapas tries to create a simple, thin, light but in-depth game and generates interest for players Bistro Heroes may achieve, or at least leave something memorable in the minds of anyone who has ever experienced it.

The characters are cute, the voices are soft, the birds are squealing, but sometimes they describe the intensity of the armed struggle. Monster screams These, combined with magical effects and lighting effects, make it look very bright and beautiful.