GU Recorder 3.3.4 APK MOD (VIP Unlocked)

GU Recorder MOD APK will help you record your Android device screen in high quality with many customizable features such as: sound adjustment, resolution quality. Drawing directly on the screen or hiding floating windows

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Introducing GU Recorder

Record videos with clear audio, capture screenshots, and reduce video file size with GU Recorder.

screen recorder

There are times when you need to record your screen, for example to save important information. Record a video call as a keepsake. Some online programs are viewing. Save gameplay of your favorite games. Record live sporting events on the phone app. In general, in practice, there are many situations where this feature is required.

Unfortunately, some phones do not support the screen recording feature. The only thing that can help you is a dedicated app, GU Recorder.

What is GU Recorder?

This is a stable high quality screen recorder app that helps you record your screen. especially You can record video with clear sound. take a screenshot and reduce video file size without rooting the device.

High quality screen recorder with sound.

Record screen in GU Recorder will bring you high quality video. The app also offers both portrait and landscape recording for you to choose from depending on the content you are recording.

Using GU Recorder, you can record audio from the included microphone or output internal sounds that appear on-screen. This ability to record screens and combine high-quality audio is very useful for those who want to make video tutorials. Product advertisement…

Sound quality generally depends on the mobile phone you use, the volume level, or the type of microphone you use to record audio. But if everything is fine Product quality screen recording is very stable and clear. You can listen like a screen recording on a PC.

Draw directly on the screen

In addition to the main features mentioned above Once the screen is recorded to the video Sometimes you’ll need to draw more to take notes. Highlight or add cute hand-drawn drawings. GU Recorder also supports the Magic Brush tool, which lets you draw directly on the screen later or while recording the screen. You can also choose the brush size, color, and effect you want.

hide floating window

With just one tap in GU Recorder you can quickly hide all floating windows. restore a neat appearance orderly and focused on the screen recording process. From there, it makes it easier for viewers to watch and listen to. and keep processes running on your phone better.

User-friendly interface, lots of customizable features.

Although it’s just a compact mobile screen recording application, GU Recorder has more customization features than you might think. after screen recording You can go to Settings to choose relevant factors when outputting, such as setting the video resolution to 1080p, or even setting a countdown to automatically stop recording the screen.

Easy to use with facecam

During screen recording, you can also easily use Facecam. Record various faces and expressions in a small window. that comes with screen recording You can freely move this window to any position on the screen. by adjusting the size accordingly

special features

GU Recorder also supports special features such as recovering lost videos. When the app is accidentally closed while recording You can restore previously created videos. to save or continue editing as you like before exporting.

If you want to quickly transfer videos or save them to your computer. Put it on cloud storage. You can use the Video Compressor tool to help compress videos in high quality. Then it will be easier to send.


Also, XRecorder app lets you record more of your phone screen.