Commands for enabling-disabling Function Mod Addon Ragnarok M

Commands for enabling-disabling Function Mod Addon Ragnarok M


The commands below will only work if the addon is properly installed and running. You should have an existing and active UI account to be able to use the commands below. When entering the game, type commands in the chat window. (Guild Chat, World Chat or Party Chat) to perform some features.

UI module
/ help – Displays all available commands.
/ settings – Show all enabled modules.
/settings reset – Reset your settings to default. Useful when you are confused with values..

Real picture / CORE / CONNECTIVITY
/hp [on/off] – turn on/off target data
/fps # – Unlock and set the FPS of the game. Value: 1-120.
/refresh – refreshes the client and cache cache.
/ping – Check your current connection latency.
/recon or /rc – reconnect when you are disconnected

/afk [on/off] – Auto TD system on/off.
/afk[hp / sp] [min, max] – set hp/sp conditions to trigger
Example usage:
/afk open -> open module
/afk sp 30,90 -> Set sp condition to min: 30% and max: 90% means if your sp is below 30% it will use Trick Dead/Play Dead and come back up when sp reaches 90%.

Auto-expansion auto skill enhancement
/ as [on / off] – Enable / disable automatic skill extensions.
/ as list – Displays a list of available skills that can be expanded. (Check system messages)
/ as [x, y, z …] – Set your slot skill manual to auto-skills.
/ as reset – resets the current item.

Example usage:
/ is 1,3,6,11 -> Assign skill slots 1, 3, 6 and 11 to automatic skills.
/ is -> open module

Target AOE Skills
/ selftarget [on / off] – enable / disable the module.
/ selftarget all – selt-target all AoE Skills
/ selftarget list – Shows all IDs of available AoE skills.
/ selftarget id1, id2, id3 … – Manually set a specific skill-id as a target.
/ selftarget reset – resets an item.

Example usage:
/ selftarget on -> open module
/selftarget 800,91 -> ID: 800 = Meteor Storm, ID: 91 = Security Wall

The previous special command
/ support[on / off] ] – Restrict emove buffing of some buffs to be casted only when in participation mode in the following states.
/buffer [on/off] – Scrub surrounding characters even without a party (limited to non-personal favorites such as healing/kiri/blessing, etc.)
/buffer leader_id – Set buffer ordination to shortcut specific id: PM your slave ‘-buffme’, it will automatically add a whisper to the list.
/buffer reset – reset list

/debuff[on / off] – Priest’s auto debuffer on/off only works with MINI/MVP (Lex and Agi reduced)
Example usage:
Note: Uncheck RO-M Power Saver from settings.
utility module

::: Automatic execution of quests ::
/ quest [On / Off] – Auto Execution of Quest
/ quest[warp | no-warp] – Turn on/off auto warping to find
::: Auto Suicide (Degradation) :::
/ suicide[on / off] – enable/disable module
/ suicide save – Saves the current location and the map for leveling down.
Note: It is recommended to save on GlastHeim for easy leveling.
::: LOCKSPOT Module (Cultivation/Grinding) :::
/ ls [on/off] – turns module off; saves your current location as a return point.
/ls # – sets the raising radius The radius can be set from 0-999.
::: Autonomous Flight :::
/autofw [on/off] – Automatically activates the wings when your HP drops below 30% and returns to the point after reaching 100% HP. Great for those who lure monsters to kill your farm characters.

::: EXP / ZENY Calculator :::
/ exp [on / off] – Exp Calculator
/exp reset – Reset Exp Calculator.
/zeny[on / off] – Zeny Calculator
/zeny reset – Reset Zeny Calculator.

::: Infinite Access in Remote :::
/ et – Access the infinite tower anywhere.
/et # – Jump to a specific layer.

::: NPC Enhanced Features :::
/npc [on/off] – Enable/Disable UI Warp and UI Storage for npcs.
::: Auto Receive ET/PT/Track Request :::
/ acceptpt [on / off] – Automatically accepts incoming PT requests.
/ acceptet [on / off] – Auto accept incoming ET requests.
/ acceptflw [on / off] – Auto accept incoming follow requests.

::: Auto follow with / no party :::
/ follow[on / off] – turn off module
/ follow[leaderid #] – Set leaderid to follow
/ follow cell # – Set the minimum tracking radius.
example :
/follow 4291234567 – Set a leaderid and follow whenever it appears on the map.
/ follow on – Turn on the module.
or PM your slave with ‘-followme’

automatic foundry builder
/ hplant [on / off] – turn on / off the module.
/hplant[1/2/3] – Save your current location as a Hell Plant drop point. Up to 3 locations can be used.
Example usage:
/hplant 1 -> Save your current location as a drop point.
/hplant open -> open module
MVP hunting module
/mvp [on/off] – enable/disable the module.
/mvp[auto / แมนนวล] – Set the semi-tracking to Auto/Manual.
/mvp[mini / mvp / all] – Set alerts and goals to MVP/MINI/ALL only.
/mvpboard[mini / mvp / all] – Filter your MVP board to MVP / MINI / ALL only.
level specific modules
/ sagecast [on / off] – turn on / off SAGE auto switch module bolts.
/arswitch [on/off] – turns on/off BOW class auto switch arrow module.
/automb[on / off] – Enable/Disable SWORDSMAN class auto Magnum Break buff module
spot search
/point list – Displays all available monsters on a given map.
/spot MobID – Goes to the nearest respawn point of the specified monster.
Example usage:
/spot 10124 -> Your character will walk through the nearest spawn point of the Orc woman.
Note: This method does not work for MVP/MINI.

/gs save[1 ถึง 10] – Save your current device and card settings to a specific slot number.
/gs set[1 ถึง 10] – Increase/decrease the max emoji switch gear set.
How to use toggle: Open the Emoji window and click the pringles emoji.
Instant Market / Shop / Exchange
/shop or /market – Open Exchange Shop
/ gdonate – Opens the guild donation window.
/ buy[shop] – Open a specific shop window

Greedy – Open Greedy Shop
Activities – Activity Dealer Shop
Tools – Tool Shop
Funtoy / Bard – Poet Shop
Advskill – Advance Skill Shop
Mora1 / Mora2 – Open 1 or 2 Mora Coin Shop
Food / Meal 1 – Open Restaurant and Restaurant B
Cook1 / Cook2 / Cook3 – Cook Ingredient Shop
Lucky – Open a lucky shop.
EX: / buy greedy / buy tools

WARP / Phone Module
/ ch # – Change channel (only for CN Servers)
/ ch cc xx – CC is the country code (PH / EN / VN / TH / ID) and XX is the channel (1-100).
example :
/ch en 15 – Switch to the EN15 channel.
/ch 15 – switch to channel 15 (CN)
/ch 15a – Switch to channel 15a (KR)
Note: You cannot change the entire map.

/ go – sends you to the spawn point
/ go list – List all unlocked maps.
/ go mapid – Go to a specific map (requirements: pet, cat, monster or NPC next to you).
/tele – Try and use it for whatever purpose it may serve you.
/ warp – Use the kafra warp service anywhere (requirements: pet, cat, monster or NPC next to you).
/warp [on/off] – to enable/disable emoji shortcuts.

Mob Hunting / Mob Target
/ multimob list – Displays the monster’s id in the current map.
/multimob id1, id2, id3, … – Set multiple ids as auto battle targets.
/ multimob [on / off] – to turn on / off the module.
example :
/ multimob 10024,10017 -> Set 10024 (Thara Frog) and 10017 (Hydra) as targets.
/ multimob on -> enable module
Note: In auto battle, select one of the monsters you specified.

/ flylock [on / off] – to turn on / off the module.

/flylock id1, id2, id3 – to enable/disable the module.
example :
/ flylock 10024,10017 -> Set 10024 (Thara Frog) and 10017 (Hydra) to lock the flywing whenever it is in range.
/ flylock on -> enable module
Note: This is not Auto Flywing, you need to use FW manually.